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Encyclopaedia Judaica

Jews in Libya 06: attitude to racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed Israel

How Libya gives help to Palestinians and armed forces against racist Zionist anti-Muslim Jewish army

from: Libya; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 11

presented by Michael Palomino (2010)



<Attitude toward Israel.

When the UN General Assembly resolved (Nov. 21, 1949) that Libya become independent before Jan. 1, 1952, [[racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed]] Israel, itself a newcomer to the UN, cast its vote for the resolution. This gesture of goodwill received no reciprocation, and Israel did not repeat it in the case of any other Arab state.

[[Racist Zionist program was to establish a Greater Jewish Empire from the Nile to Euphrates, and this could not be accepted by any Arab state]].

Anti-Jewish outbursts accompanied the announcement about the impending independence, and [[racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed]] Israel took all precautions to enable Libya's Jews who wanted to settle in Israel to reach their destination before the critical date. Close to 90% of Libyan Jewry settled in [[racist Zionist ant-Muslim governed]] Israel up to the end of 1951.

Independent Libya joined the Arab League in 1952 and adopted a hostile attitude toward [[racist Zionist ant-Muslim governed]] Israel, though it was mainly declaratory. Libya took part in Arab summit conferences, joined the Arab boycott, conducted anti-Israel propaganda, and attacked [[racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed]]Israel at the UN. The situation became more critical during the Six-Day War (1967), when widespread strikes of Libyan oil workers, as an expression of Arab solidarity, brought the flow of oil to a temporary stop, hitting the U.S. and Western Europe, which allegedly aided [[racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed]] Israel, and shaking the conservative rule of King Idris.

After the war, Libya allowed Palestinians to live and work inside its territory, but only in limited numbers. It permitted collections for the terrorist organizations [[but whole Israeli government was a terrorist gang against the Muslims]], founded a school for al-Fatḥ orphans, and played host to several delegations from these organizations. Libya, like the other two Arab oil states (Saudi Arabia and Kuwait), contributed an annual share ($ 8,000,000) to Egypt and Jordan, according to the resolution of the 1967 Arab summit conference in Khartoum.

[[It's never mentioned in Encyclopaedia Judaica that Muslims were declared even as "enemies" in racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed Israel from 1948 to 1967]].

A drastic change occurred in Libya's attitude toward [[racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed]] Israel after the overthrow of the monarchy on Sept. 1, 1969, and the rise of a revolutionary regime. Libya now adopted [col. 205]

The militant line of the extreme Arab states in regard to [[racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed]] Israel, as well as against the west in general.

[[Well, after 1967, racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed Israel had occupied Golan heights, West Bank, and Sinai peninsula as a first big step for a foundation of a Jewish Reich from Nile to Euphrates. And Palestinians were always harassed and captured in concentration camps in the desert like animals. Jewish Zionist army was behaving like a Nazi army. So, a strong Arab reaction against this Zionist racism and against it's Western collaborators is only logic]].

Muammar al-Qaddafi, chairman of the Revolutionary Council announced from the start that the new regime opposed political solutions to the Israel-Arab conflict and did not believe in the possibility of a successful peaceful settlement.

[[That's clear because racist Zionism has got it's base on racist Herzl book "The Jewish State" describing the Muslims as slaves in a Jewish state, and as long as this racist Zionist book is not forbidden, so long peace with racist Zionist Jewish governments in Jerusalem is not possible]].

He promised to mobilize all Libya's rich resources in order to assist the armed confrontation with [[racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed]] Israel. At the Arab summit conference in Rabat (Dec. 21-23, 1969), he also promised to extend a considerable part of Libya's oil revenues (which amount to $ 1,000,000,000 annually) to reinforce the Arab front. Libya set up a "holy war fund" out of state grants, special taxes, and individual donations.

[[Well, Qaddafi has not got much fantasy for peace work, because with more weapons there will be less peace, and not more peace. The ideologic point of racist Zionism, the racist Herzl booklet, is not mentioned]].

The following meeting in Tripoli (Dec. 25-27, 1969) of the presidents of Egypt, Sudan, and Libya, who agreed to establish an alignment of the three countries, proved even more forcefully the new regime's desire to integrate into the Arab struggle against [[racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed]] Israel. Libya drifted more and more into the sphere of influence of *Nasser, who exploited the situation to deepen the Egyptian military and economic penetration into Libya, a step which became possible after the liquidation of the American and British military bases there and expulsion of foreigners. The regime acquired considerable quantities of arms which may serve the Arab cause at the front.

[[Racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed Israel has got atomic weapons by French aid endangering all Muslim countries. Well, also this point is never mentioned in Encyclopaedia Judaica, but nuclear research center in the Negev desert was already working in 1970...]]

On Nov. 8, 1970, the presidents of Libya, Egypt, and Sudan decided to establish a "union", or federation, of their countries in order to bring about closer military, economic, and political links; Syria later joined this bloc, Libya assisted the Palestine terrorist organizations financially and politically. [R.CO.]

[[Well, controlling the details what was happening in racist Zionist anti-Muslim governed Israel after 6-Day War, there is the conclusion that racist Zionist Jewish army was the main terrorist organization against the Palestinians, and this has not changed until now, and the Palestinian terrorist organizations were the reaction to Jewish Zionist racism. But racist Zionist Jewish army is never mentioned in Encyclopaedia Judaica...]].



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