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Asia: sex slaves, index

The trafficking of women in Asia

Book: Sex slaves, the trafficking of women in
                  Asia, cover  Louise
                  Brown, portrait
Book: Sex slaves, the trafficking of women in Asia [1], cover, and the author Louise Brown, portrait [2]

by Louise Brown

presented by Michael Palomino (2013)

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Chapter 1: The market

Chapter 1 Part 1: 1: victims - 2: Asian mentality - 3: prostitution systems - 4: industrialization, World Wars and Vietnam War - 5: sex tourism Thailand Philippines - 6: secret brothels for Asian men

Chapter 1 Part 2: 7: pimps and prostitutes - 8: trafficking women - 9: Asian sex problems - 10: repression, control, and poverty

Chapter 2: The commodity

Chapter 2 Part 1: 1: reasons for prostitution - 2: discriminating and downgrading of women in Asia - 3: daughters are taught a feeling of 'duty' - 4: Asian women are a prestige for the Asian husband - 5: pregnant and raped Asian women have to go to the brothel - 6: more discriminations of Asian women - 7: facade and reality about sex life in Asian society

Chapter 2 Part 2: 8: women trafficking for prostitution for an 'open market' - 9: reasons for prostitution: poor, minority, caste, rapes - 10: women trafficking in Nepal - women's migration in or to Thailand - 11: successful prostitutes - sold children - almost no or no education - 12: reasons for prostitution: no school - brute stepmothers - wars - famines - volcano

Chapter 3: The agents

Chapter 4: Seasoning

Chapter 4 Part 1: 4.1: Girls forced into prostitution - Asian men like girls 'without experience' - virgins  -- 4.2: Seasoning: Re-education methods with torture, rapes and extortions converting girls and women into a 'willing' prostitute -- 4.3: Brothels -- 4.3.1: Brothels in Bangladesh -- 4.4.2: Brothels in India -- Mumbay: Kamatipura brothel district with women waiting on benches in the street or in closed brothels -- Mumbay: Falkland Road and surroundings - big rooms with curtains between the beds - also oral and anal -- Brothels in Calcutta: Sonagachi District -- Brothels in Delhi in GB Road -- 4.3.3: Cambodia with brothels in wooden huts and sheds -- 4.3.4: Northern Thailand with virgin trade in hotels in Mae Sai -- 4.3.5: Thailand's brothels with Burmese women and women of hill tribes  -- 4.3.6: The brothels in the Philippines -- 4.3.7: The brothels in Japan with slavery in the 'snack' system

Chapter 4 Part 2: 4.4: 'Seasoning': disorientated girls and young women are manipulated or extorted and cannot defend themselves -- 4.5: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia, Thailand: virgin girls sold into 'hotel prostitution' -- 4.6: 'Seasoning' with extortion with debt bondage -- 4.7: Girls and women have no idea about their rights -- 4.8: Child prostitution - Asian men are main costumer for this crime -- 4.9: The age of the prostitutes in Asia - mostly from 13 to 25 -- 4.10: Selling virgins: defloration and guaranteed AIDS-free product -- 4.11: The number of customers - from 3 to 20 customers per day -- 4.12: Seasoning - the 'adaption' - with mental scars or even lethal cases -- 4.13: Flight from sex slavery is hardly possible

Chapter 5: The Customers

Chapter 5 Part 1: 5.1: Open questions about customers in Asian brothels -- 5.2: Reasons to go to a brothel having a joy for some minutes -- 5.3: The lies of Louise Brown - men called with 'domination', 'animals', 'male-dominated society' - but WOMEN are selling daughters and organizing the brothels... -- 5.4: Principle: the more control and the more conservative sexual mores - the more prostitution exists -- 5.5: More sexual appetite of men in a tropical climate - and Asian women are mentally blocked -- 5.6: Thailand and Cambodia: brothels for sexual development of men - because of restrictions during youth -- 5.7: Statistics about customers using brothels -- 5.8: The professions of the Asian customers: youth boys first time having sex - businessmen - old men -- 5.9: Customers in India: AIDS in brothels - businessmen - normal workers - old men

Chapter 5 Part 2: 5.10: Poor migrant workers in poor brothels -- 5.11: China with it's one child policy and killings of girls - with less women - and more customers -- 5.12: Principle: for Asian men brothels are a question of 'social status' - the real reasons -- 5.13: Studies about customers: what customers think about the prostitutes - and the truth -- 5.14: Husbands in brothels - because divorce is not popular -- 5.15: Unhappy husbands in Asian brothels -- 5.16: Asian troubles about sex life at home: 5.16.1: Asian men rating women as 'good' or 'bad' - really? -- 5.16.2: Arranged marriages and prohibition of divorce provoking brothels -- 5.17: Who is guilty for this sexual misery in Asia? - WOMEN! -- 5.18: "Mother complex" in whole Asia by the abuse of the son by the mother

Chapter 5 Part 3: 5.19: Japanese customers: sexually developed country with not developed Thai and Filipina prostitutes -- 5.20: Segregation of sexes in Muslim societies provoking brothels -- 5.21: Customers on the Philippines - idealization of virgin by terrorist Catholic Church of Italy -- 5.22: Biological reasons for men having sex with young women -- 5.23: Superstitions about virgins

Chapter 6: The Management

Chapter 6 Part 1: 6.1: Louise Brown never mentioning the cruel WOMEN in the brothel prison business -- 6.2: Statistics about brothels and brothel prisons -- 6.3: Networks working for brothels and brothel      prisons - and NGOs -- 6.4: Brothel network in Japan - with Yakuza      Japanese mafia - can be good or bad -- 6.5: Principle: shifting      girls and young women from town to town -- 6.6: Brothel prison      networks in India and in Nepal - Nepali women -- 6.7: Brothel      prison networks with mafia and governments -- 6.8: Brothel prison      networks in Bangladesh in Dhaka - closed big brothel prisons and      prostitution in streets and parks -- 6.9: More political leaders      with brothel prisons: Cambodia, Burma and Pakistan -- 6.10:      Calcutta: family members taking the earnings of the prostituted      daughter -- 6.11: Northern Thailand: Selling daughters into      prostitution for consumer goods -- 6.12: The minimum age for girls      for working in the brothel -- 6.13: Bangladesh: trafficker systems      - poverty is destroying any moral

Chapter 6 Part 2: 6.14: Some more profiters of the brothel prison districts: merchants, medical doctors etc. -- 6.15: Women as merchants, brokers and brothel managers -- 6.16: Network of brothels and brothel prisons in Pakistan -- 6.17: Torture of girls and women into prostitution prisons by "seasoning" - examples -- 6.18: Dept bondage systems -- 6.19: Isolation and shifting girls and young women from town to town - flight and revenge -- 6.20: Reselling girls and women to other brothels - new debt bondage extortion begins -- 6.21: Security guards in and around the brothel prisons -- 6.22: Structures in Japan: girls in hotels and cars evading persecution by police -- 6.23: Principle: Economic crisis provoking harsher rules for prostitutes -- 6.24: Principle: passport confiscated by brothel owners or managers -- 6.25: Changes in sex industry - or no change -- 6.26: Sex industry is a men's product (says Louise Brown) - sex industry is a women's product (says Michael Palomino)

Chapter 7: The Law

Chapter 7 Part 1: 7.1: Who is making the law? - criminal mothers selling their daughters - mama-san (malkin, gharwali), the criminal brothel boss - and racist governments leaving the countryside in poverty -- 7.2: International laws and guidelines about prostitution business -- 7.3: Punishments of prostitutes by police and justice - mothers and mama-sans are never punished  -- 7.4: Laws and practice in Islam - more half truths of Louise Brown -- 7.5: Islam law and sometimes cruel practice in Pakistan -- 7.6: Islam law and practice in Bangladesh - with Bengali heritage -- 7.7: Law and wild practice in sexy Thailand -- 7.8: Law and sometimes cruel practice in Japan -- 7.9: Law and practice in the Philippines -- 7.10: General information: law and practice are very different in Asia

Chapter 7 Part 2: 7.11: Rape provoking to become a prostitute in Pakistan  -- 7.12: Handling of law with "accidents" or bribes -- 7.13: Legalization of prostitution and the new possibilities -- 7.14: Police, protection money and sexual service for police forces in the prostitution business -- 7.15: Law prohibiting slavery and human trafficking - mentality questions

Chapter 8: Life and Death

Chapter 9: The Shame

Chapter 9 Part 1: 9.1: Successful prostitutes coming home - and not so successful prostitutes with stigma -- 9.2: Prostitutes coming home: hard stigma and discrimination in the home village - cases -- 9.3: Prostitutes not coming home but staying in the town with new work -- 9.4: Flight and escape - men customers helping for a flight -- 9.5: Rescue of only a little percentage of the girls - the shelters -- 9.6: Discrimination after the rescue - criminal Asia rejecting sold victims and ex prostitutes  -- 9.7: Writer Louise Brown only blaming men - criminal Asian women organizing Asian sex slavery system -- 9.8: Girls and women sacrificing themselves against poverty in the countryside -- 9.9: Writer Louise Brown blaming men for having "power" over young women - but slavery comes from mothers selling daughters and from criminal mama-san - and many men are helping the victims

Chapter 9 Part 2: 9.10: The power of criminal journalists and their criminal sexual fantasies against prostitutes and men -- 9.11: Working slaves in Asia - prostitution is only a part of the slave system in Asia -- 9.12: Survivors of Asian brothel prison systems: managers or poor with analyzing work -- 9.13: Rescued survivors are angry - and have dreams -- 9.14: Rescued survivors without firm identity - and many AIDS cases -- 9.15: Reasons for the Asian brothel prison system: poverty and taboo -- 9.16: Girls and young women sold into a "trap" - measures against Asian brothel prison system -- Measures for a healthy sex life would be without brothel prisons but there has to be the following -- 9.17: Writer Louise Brown with some hope for new slogans breaking the silence about sex slavery in Asia

Chapter 10: Select Bibliography

Chapter 10: Official reports - NGO reports - newspapers - journals - conferences - books

Measures for a healthy sex life without brothel prisons - there has to be done the following in Asia:

by Michael Palomino (2013)

-- install good jobs also in the countryside

-- install social networks and social systems in all Asian countries
-- talk officially about problems of sexuality of women because they don't know about lubricants and oils for having good and long sex without pain and therefore they often have vagina inflammations and they don't have the courage to tell this neither to the husband nor to any doctor but they simply reject any sex so husbands go to brothels - or women even send men to the brothels
-- talk officially about problems of sexuality of women with the sensitive points in the vagina making sex a joy also for Asian women
-- talk officially about problems of sexuality informing about more variations of sexuality (positions, locations, magazines, books, Kamasutra, Tantra etc.) so  Asian men and women are enjoying sex AT HOME and women are not sending men to brothels any more
-- install porno cinemas so the clients of brothels will reduce automatically by about 50% because the porno movie is more beautiful than a brothel prison - and additionally porno cinema is safe from AIDS and from other sexual transmittable diseases - and also women will enjoy porno cinema - and there will also be new and free jobs in Asian porno movie production
-- install swinger clubs and other sexual festivities legally but under control.

With all these measures of variations of sexuality brothel prisons with victims will be not needed any more but can be eliminated - or converted.

But WOMEN Ministers of Education, of Family, and of Culture are NOT permitting ANYTHING in Asia. They are even claiming beautiful underwear for being not permitted in Thailand. Blinds are leading blinds in Asia, e.g. in Thailand with it's woman Minister of Culture who did not have sex perhaps for 10 years. And may be this is not the only woman minister in an ASEAN state who does NOT understand anything about sexuality of women and men at all. Men are so simple, complicated brothel systems are not needed. And censorship of movies and porno films does not make any sense (for example censorship in China) but sexuality should be a joy and not a pain.

Problems are for solving and not for suffering, also sexual problems!

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