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"Moon plays": The moon was the Earth - Lies and Truth in Space

9. Gagarin's death in 1968 - Perestroika and correction
of the truth since 1986

Gagarin's alleged plane crash and the rumour mill - with Gorbachev new truths about the "Soviet" atmosphere flight are published

Gagarin's states funeral in Moscow: The
Gagarin's states funeral in Moscow: The grave.

by Michael Palomino (2006 / 2010 / 2011 / 2021)



beginning of 1968
"SU": Gagarin is said to be in preparations for his first upper atmosphere flight
Officially the flight is presented as the second one of course.

Yuri Gagarin: The last
                foto with the bloated face, as parachute jumper.
Yuri Gagarin: The last foto with the bloated face. According to Wisnewski Gagarin is flightless. Gagarin is shown here again not in an astronaut suit but in a parachute suit. Who shall he be capable to fly to the moon in a parachute suit?

February 1968
Official "SU" historiography: Gagarin finished his studies at the military aviation academy
at the Zhakovsky military aviation academy. For his studies Gagarin needed 7 years.

[Officially Gagarin had many parastatal jobs so the long study is understandable. The "fatherland" needed him for other things than for earth orbits].

27 March 1968
"SU": The alleged lethal Gagarin-Seryogin plane crash
Gagarin is said having lost his life in an air fighter crash (Wisnewski, p.61).

Under the teacher (Wisnewski, p.63) squadron commander Seryogin Gagarin is said having had the order to fly with a MiG from the military airport Tshakalovski a "flat 8", a relatively easy exercise (Wisnewski, p.62).

At 10:30 Gagarin is said having reported that he fulfilled the task of the "flat 8". Then Gagarin shall have been mute. At 14:50 helicopters with cosmonaut Alexej Leonov shall have reported that they found an airplane wreckage:

-- there would be the wreckage of Gagarin with remnants of Seryogin (Wisnewski, p.62)

-- the airplane is said having drilled meters into the forest soil and the crater is said having filled quickly with water (Wisnewski, p.62)

-- officially the authorities maintain that they found Gagarin's map and Gagarin's wallet with Gagarin's passport, driving license, and with a foto of Koroljov (Wisnewski, p.62)

-- add to this the authorities maintain officially that Gagarin's flight jacket was hanging on a birch (Wisnewski, p.62), and recovery cosmonaut Leonov confirmed this also in ZDF in 2001 (Wisnewski, p.63).

Contradictions about the last Gagarin flight

There is no precise investigation about the alleged crash (Wisnewski, p.61-62) and the contradictions are absolutely serious that any manipulation seems to be possible:

-- the question why Gagarin had been allowed to steer an airplane after his alleged "accident" from 1961 with a craniocerebral injury (CCI) and with a strong change of personality is never put officially. Already this seems to be an impossibility (Wisnewski, p.62) because Gagarin was officially unfit to fly and never had been allowed to enter a cockpit (Wisnewski, p.63)

-- neither Gagarin nor the teacher Seryogin seem to have used the ejection seat to save themselves which is an impossibility for professional pilots (Wisnewski, p.63)

-- the body of Gagarin is never found (Wisnewski, p.62)

-- the foto of the alleged scene of the accident does not show anything but a pool, and there cannot be seen one single trace of a plane crash. It's a plane crash without wreckage, and the truth is hidden (Wisnewski, p.63)

-- only later alleged parts of Gagarin's body are presented, but without indication of the location where they were found and without description of the condition (Wisnewski, p.63)

-- according to statements of ZDF in 2001 remnants of Gagarin's airplane are stored in steel barrels in a "sealed safe" on a "military base outside of Moscow" and shall stay there so the truth about Gagarin's plane crash will never come out (Wisnewski, p.63).

There is also the claim that the airplane had no flight recorder and that's why the cause of the crash will never be clear. This is absolutely unbelievable:

"The cause for the catastrophe [of Gagarin's crash] will never be cleared completely because the military jet with Gagarin and instructor Vladimir Seryogin had no flight recorder."

(orig.: "Die Ursache der Katastrophe [des Absturzes von Gagarin] wird sich nie vollständig aufklären lassen, weil der Militärjet, mit dem Gagarin und der Instrukteur Wladimir Seryogin abstürzten, keinen Flugschreiber besass.")


30 March 1968: "SU": State funeral ceremony for Gagarin
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the
                        Kremlin wall: Wreaths.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the Kremlin wall: Wreaths.
Gagarin's states funeral in Moscow: The
Gagarin's states funeral in Moscow: The grave.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the
                        Kremlin wall: The crowd with Gagarin fotos.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the Kremlin wall: The crowd with Gagarin fotos.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the
                        Kremlin wall: Last salute for Gagarin.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the Kremlin wall: Last salute for Gagarin.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the
                        Kremlin wall: Crowds on Gagarin's grave.
Gagarin's state funeral in Moscow on the Kremlin wall:  Crowds on Gagarin's grave.

Wisnewski doubts the crash and means the coffin was empty an Gagarin perhaps in a psychiatry (Wisnewski, p.64).

[Considering that Gagarin was in a miserable condition and should fly a moon mission it could have been the calculus of the "SU" regime to get rid of Gagarin with an imaginary state funeral in a "smooth" way].

since April 1968 approx.
The Western media presume Gagarin is in a psychiatry
The Western media presume that Gagarin would be alive yet and would be hidden in a psychiatry to hide Gagarin as a craniocerebral patient because it would be a shame for the "Soviet Union" to have a "Hero of the Soviet Union" in a psychiatry (Wisnewski, p.64).

The widow with the Lenin decoration without Lenin decoration
Gagarin's widow gets the Lenin decoration but never wears it (Wisnewski, p.64).

Some more rumours about Gagarin's death - Brezhnev keeps secret the investigation report

The rumours:
-- one part of the population believe that Gagarin has not died in 1968 and the accident and the funeral was a staging

-- another part means that a KGB conspiracy murdered Gagarin
-- another part means that aliens had kidnapped Gagarin
-- another part means Gagarin had committed suicide by drinking too much Vodka and had flown drunk.

State's president Brezhnev keeps secret the detailed report of the investigation commission with the argument that the report could rock the whole nation. The report in 30 volumes about registering balloons as a cause for the crash is stored in the archives and there is no publication except a short summary.

September 1980:
Fidel Castro visits the "room of the martyrs" of the "SU" atmosphere flight

In September 1980 a Cuban "guest cosmonaut", Amaldo Tamayo-Mendez, is taken on board of the capsule "Soyuz 38" on an upper atmosphere earth orbit flight. After the perfect return he is celebrated at Havanna like a hero.

On the ceremony Fidel Castro gives a moving speech and describes the cosmonaut education center at Zvezdny Gorodok (Star City). He was really impressed from the copy of the office of Yuri Gagarin, where any cosmonaut had to go for a meditation before the flight. As a tradition all cosmonauts leave a letter on Gagarin's desk with the promise that they will beware and honour the tradition of bravery of the "Soviet" cosmonauts which had been before.

The office had been kept in the condition as it was at the time of Gagarin's death on 27 March 1968. His things are still on the desk, his agenda is lying open on the table yet, his uniform is hanging on the hallstand yet, all watches are stopped on the time of the [alleged] accident.

Castro continues his speech and describes another room, the so called "room of the martyrs". The access to this room is strictly controlled. On the walls are the fotos of all cosmonauts which died during the "Soviet" space program [atmosphere program]. Castro is deeply moved by the presentation of this heroism in this special room. He is adding:

"There are many heroes which sacrificed their lives on the beginning of space age." [atmosphere age]

[So the victims are presented but cannot be seen by anybody].

"US"-"Chimponaut" "Ham" from 1961 dies1983 in the North Carolina Zoological Park
(Smithsonian: http://www.smithsonianmagazine.com/issues/2006/january/history.php)

Perestroika times

Now new truths are coming out about atmosphere flights of "SU":

"SU" propaganda presents the story about Bondarenko's death without skin: The story of the cooker

The "SU" leadership publishes a story about the case of the cosmonaut Bondarenko without skin:

-- Bondarenko had been in a long time test in a chamber with pure oxygen atmosphere (Wisnewski, p.29)

-- Bondarenko had wared a woolen suit there (Wisnewski, p.30)

-- Bondarenko had used a rag or a piece of cotton wool and threw it on the hot cooker and by this the cotton wool caught fire: With a rag / piece of cotton wool which was dipped in alcohol Bondarenko is said having wanted to remove remnants of a medical sensor. By mistake he threw the rag / piece of cotton on a hot cooker so there was immediately a fire. And the pure oxygen atmosphere had favoured the fire yet (Wisnewski, p.29-30)

-- then people tried to open the door and could not open the door for half an hour to rescue Bondarenko

-- the soles of foot are said not having burnt because Bondarenko wared flight boots (Wisnewski, p.30).

The contradictions:

-- the "SU" atmosphere ships fly with a mixture of oxygen and azote because pure oxygen would be a high fire danger
-- fire extinguisher were not installed, absolutely unbelievable.

According to Wisnewski this scenario is not plausible but an upper atmosphere capsule burning during the re-entry into the lower dense atmosphere seems to be probable (Wisnewski, p.30).

[But the same fault with a fire in a pure oxygen atmosphere happened in Apollo 1. And Bondarenko was brought to hospital in Moscow shortly after the accident. So the cooker version in the cosmonaut training center near Moscow is plausible. A landing from an earth orbit flight near Moscow and a successful parachute landing with an ejection seat despite a fire in the cabin is not realistic because the parachute also had burnt and disappeared before the landing. Speculations can go on...].

since 1986
After Gorbachev: The "SU" space engineers admit the disappeared cosmonauts - the programmatic experts of the West refuse recognizing the truth

Shortly before 1986 Dr. Sergej Khrushchev, the son of the former "Soviet" leader Nikita Khrushchev, becomes an "US" citizen. In 1986 Sergej Khrushchev is research assistant at the Brown university. During the "race in the atmosphere" he worked for Vladimir Chelomei, leader for rocket engineering, with the task to develop booster rockets and atmosphere ships.

Sergej Khrushchev states things that underline the existence of the "unofficial" missions since the 1960s. Other former Soviet representatives give information about the former missions, also the mission of Col. Yuri Lyzlov and captain Anatoli Grushenko, in former times from the SSRF (Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces). Both were directly involved in the "Soviet" upper atmosphere program of the 1960s and 1970ies.

They were directly part of the preparations of the atmosphere flight of Vladimir Ilyushin and were witnesses of the launch of the capsule "Rossyia". They describe the events in several TV broadcasts in interviews how they really were [with dead astronauts and crashes etc.].

Some Western "experts" of the "Soviet" atmosphere flight don't want to know this truth about the "SU" high atmosphere flights an reject the invitations to discussions. They want to keep their belief on an "inerrant" development of the worldwide high atmosphere flight.

(from: http://www.lostcosmonauts.com/curtain.htm)

[If the Gagarin swindle was officially admitted remains unclear].

Vladimir Ilyushin, first living returned atmospheronaut, lives as retired air force general in a Moscow suburb

April 2001
40 year jubilee of the Gagarin "space flight": Gagarin officially is not the first any more

Tass reports resp. senior research engineer Michail Rudenko reports that Gagarin was not the first human in the atmosphere ("in space"). The pilots Ledowski, Shaborin and Mitkow were lost between 1957 and 1959. Rudenko states that these flights were suborbital parabola flights (Wisnewski, p.28).

The question remains with which atmosphere ship the pilots had flown because Vostok atmosphere ships did not exist [officially] at this time.
(In: English Pravda 12.4.2001; http://english.pravda.ru/main/2001/04/12/3502.html; Wisnewski, p.28).

8 April 2001
The investigation report about Gagarin's and Seryogin's death: Crash because of weather balloons?

The investigation says:
-- all in all more than 200 people were questioned
-- the MiG airplane was in a perfect condition
-- sabotage should not be determined
-- the fact-finding commission cannot understand why Gagarin and his teacher  have not used the ejection seat to save themselves
-- Gagarin took part on a birthday ceremony two days before the crash but on the day of his last flight he had to pass two medical tests and he did not fail
-- on Gagarin's body no alcohol was determined.

The fact-finding commission concludes that some registering balloons caused the crash which could not be seen because of clouds until it was too late. The pilots probably had tried a quick evasion maneuver and by this the airplane began to trundle which was not possible to compensate. The steering lock angle of the airplane on the ground indicates that they were not far from saving themselves.

According to the officer Ivan Rubtsov, an elder member of the fact-finding commission, the version of the commission with the registering balloons as cause for the crash is the most probable version.

(Russia still starstruck over Gagarin; The Guardian, 8 April 2001; http://www.guardian.co.uk/spacedocumentary/story/0,2763,470371,00.html)

Russian government erected a Gagarin Seryogin monument in a birch forest with an obelisk with the reliefs of Gagarin and Seryogin at the alleged place of their crash.

Gagarin-Seryogin-monument in a birch forest
                in Russia at the alleged location of the crash of 1968
Gagarin-Seryogin-monument in a birch forest in Russia at the alleged location of the crash of 1968

[Well have you ever heard that any other airplane has come down by weather balloons? Speculations can go on...]

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