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Zweiter Weltkrieg - Angaben von MI6-Agent Greg Hallet

von Michael Palomino (2006)



aus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFi0npxY60M

Greg Hallet, founder of theworldoftruth.net - War is the biggest crime because it costs so much provoking depts and losses of humans and housing. So when there is a war this is always a big maneuver. Hitler let escape the English troops of France because winnig the war Germany would have had to pay the war depts of England, and because there had not been enough human losses. War is nothing more than a "killing exercise" (4min.13sek.). Considering the two world wars in Europe there were some territorries changing about Germany but the other countries did not win or loose much, there was a "flip flop" (4min.19sec.). Soviets destroyed in Gotha "the rural almanac de Gotha printing plates" (4min.35sec.), this was the reason for giving East Germany to the Soviets (4min.47sec.). General Patton was delayed for nine days, and these plates were smashed and destroyed and burnt one by one with no chance for recovery (5min.9sec.), for that action the Soviets got Thuringia (5min.33sec.). By 1945 King George VI recognized three or four generations of legitimacy and members of the British royal family going back to 1834. So the British family commissioned Stalin who was also a British agent to use the Soviet forces to destroy the Royal almanach of Gotha (6min.12sec.).