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Corrupt Peruvian police and killer gang against Van der Sloot:

Joran van der Sloot is no murderer. Summary: 20 points

Summary: indications that there were Peruvian killers killing Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez - indications that Joran van der Sloot is innocent

The points exonerating Joran van der Sloot in Lima, version 4

by Michael Palomino

20 January 2012 (2015)

For Stephany and Joran: Concierto italiano, Andante, by Egle Januleviciute (http://www.sky.fm/play/solopiano)



Main sources for this analysis were:
-- Wikipedia website about Joran van der Sloot (January 2012): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_der_Sloot
-- Timeline of Joran van der Sloot in Peru (January 2012): http://pulitzerandthompson.com/exclusive-peruvian-timeline-and-documents/

Joran is NO murderer
The analysis about the murder case in Lima gives a clear result: Joran van der Sloot is no murderer, but the murderers were Peruvian killers who killed Stephany with knives, and this was a revenge with about more than 20 stabs. Even BEFORE the definite killing action began, Joran was sent away from the hotel, but the killers gave him some spots of Stephany's blood on some of his clothes as a "souvenir". But Joran had not one single spot of blood on his sneakers. Then Joran only made "tactical" confessions by police manipulations because police promised that he would be transferred to Holland. And Peruvian justice does not believe him because they don't want to investigate anything what would exonerate Joran. He said clearly that there was a Peruvian killer gang - and they are still free yet. The proofs are here: 20 points.

And also in Aruba Joran van der Sloot is no murderer but he only made bad jokes because he was the victim of the Holloway family during 5 years.

And this is just a hobby of criminal CIA and of the agents from Interpol blaming somebody without end also when the person is not at all guilty. What these criminal organizations CIA and Interpol are doing with Joran is absolutely criminal. Joran only wanted to play poker for winning money and nothing else. He was only 22 years old and he is not a stable person nor has a stable family - and CAI and Interpol want to destory him and are systematically destroying his familiar connections. Fuck you CIA, Fuck you Interpol.

Summary: 20 points

The points:

1. Missing: any respect of justice to Joran van der Sloot is missing because they never have taken earnest Van der Sloot's indications that there had been a killer gang in the hotel room killing Stephany, but Peruvian justice systematically rejected any investigation which could have exonerated Van der Sloot - and therefore this process is invalid

2. The names and the identification number of Van der Sloot indicated in the hotel were correct - but not one single murderer would inscribe himself with correct names and with correct international identification number in a hotel

3. Missing: the security video showing the killer gang entering TAC hotel and room no. 309 and leaving, this security video is missing, eventually also screams and the fight of Stephany can be heard, eventually also screams of the Peruvian killers

4. Missing: the ADN analysis of the skin under the finger nails of Stephany is missing, and therefore it can be supposed that the murderer has got big injuries

5. Missing: but any indication of injuries on the body of Joran van der Sloot is missing (he was examined in Arica one time and in Lima two times but the exams never found any injury on his body) and therefore he is not the murderer but Peruvian killers are

6. Missing: ADN analysis and fingerprints of the tennis racket are missing, this racket is said having been found in the hotel room and is said having been used as a weapon against Stephany - but when this would be true, so there should be blood on the racket and this is never indicated

7. There is the question: Why did they change in the morgue the kinds of death of Stephany? when first was indicated "wildly stabbed" but after it there were indicated blows and suffocation?

8. There is the question: Why was Stephany killed three times? (according to court's documents) 1st blows and cranial fracture; 2nd broken neck; and 3d suffocation. Why was it not enough to have only one kind of murder? - ¡Because they wanted to present Joran as a brute wrestler! and therefore there is another question why the armed killers are said not having used their arms (according to the courts documents)

9. TV in the room running: Why the investigators did not see that Europeans never leave a running TV leaving a room? Why they did not see that these were Peruvian killers?

10. The cell near the director's office: When Joran van der Sloot had his cell near the director's office, so Joran van der Sloot is not at all a dangerous person but the director knows that the real murderers of Stephany were other ones!!!

11. Missing: there is missing any possession of Stephany in the luggage of Joran van der Sloot, and therefore he is no thief but the Peruvian killers are and robbed all of her, not only the 10,000 dollars, but also her keys

12. The car of Stephany was found 50 blocks of houses (about 5 km) away from TAC hotel (in Old Surco), and this can only be when a killer gang was working in this case robbing Stephany's keys

13. Stephany's car was found in Old Surco without damage and with personal effects: this means that the killer gang was not poor (poors steal everything and sell the car or sell the parts), but the killer gang were well paid or it's also possible that the killer gang was awaited in this location by "friends" changing the car and the killers came from the Peruvian upper class (e.g. from New Surco or from La Molina)

14, police also investigated Stephany's car? But also police are thieves in Peru, they perhaps found something but "forgot" to give it back to the boss, e.g. 10,000 dollars...

15. Stephany's bank cards: there is missing any investigation about what happened with Stephany's bank cards, how much money was robbed using her bank cards and by which cash machine

16. when there will be another investigation of the dead body of Stephany: Perhaps there will be found more than only the skin of the murderer under the finger nails. But perhaps there will be found Stephany's neck not broken, and they will find probably more than 20 stabs. Can it be that corrupt Peruvian Interpol is hindering any new investigation and they don't want to find new proofs about the real killers?

17. Stephany's father, Ricardo Flores Chipoco, was against Alan Garcia during the elections of 2006 and therefore this is a competitive family and it seems that the murder can be also a "revenge".

18. Why Joran van der Sloot had fled? Either he had an irrational mental shock reaction after the event of violence with the killer gang (because violence with knives is not normal for Europeans from Central Europe), or he took his flight because the Peruvian killers advised him in this way, with some blood of Stephany on some of his clothes as a "souvenir". And the murder happened after Joran had left TAC hotel. And the video with the coming and leaving murder gang is missing, and also the screams.

19. Why had Joran not one single spot of blood on his sneakers? Because he was dismissed before the killing action, but as a "souvenir" the killers gave him some blood of Stephany on some of his clothes.

20. Why Stephany was dead for 3 days in the room (30 June to 2 July 2010) and was not found before by a cleaning woman? Because also the employees of TAC hotel and also the owner of TAC hotel, Kuan Bo, were collaborating with the killer gang and it seems that they also were well paid for this collaboration - because principally it's NOT possible that they have not heard anything of Stephany's screams and of the fight.

Corrupt Peruvian justice simply has not taken earnest the indications of Joran van der Sloot that there were Peruvian killers having killed Stephany.

Peruvian justice is absolutely coward and is blocking all investigations which could exonerate Joran van der Sloot - and the Peruvian killers are still free.

There is a big suspicion that criminal President Alan Garcia also is Interpol and the killers came from his side for a "revenge" against Stephany's family which was a competitive family against him as it seems.

There is also a big suspicion against this criminal President Alan Garcia that he was paid by the "States" for this case facilitating a detention order against Joran van der Sloot by the Peruvian killer maneuver. By this there is the suspicion that the killers came from his side - respectively it can really be that the killers came from Peruvian Interpol in New Surco (Velasco Astete Avenue house no. 1491, near Incas Avenue) and were well paid for this killing action - and the hotel owner and his staff were collaborating well - also well paid - probably by the President.

Add to this, President Alan Garcia did never want any neutral investigation but was provocating even more propaganda against foreigners by his action requesting to re-introduce capital punishment by this case.

But the killers of Stephany are free yet, and Joran van der Sloot only is afraid and gives "tactical" confessions. In this way there will never be a result in this case. They have to investigate quickly finding the real killers.

Michael Palomino 20 January 2012

ce 000519149, michael.palomino@gmx.ch

Analysis: Joran van der Sloot is no murderer in Lima: www.hist-chron.com/index-ENGL.html

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