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Jewry: Fake and truth in the Old Testament (OT) according to documents and excavations

New identity by new Jewish history by help of chronology and archaeological research<

41. Yehud province with an alleged new temple - total racism of Orthodox Jews

by Michael Palomino (2006 / 2010)



from: Israel Finkelstein / Neil A. Silberman: The Bible unearthed. Archeology's New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts; The Free Press, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2001; German edition has got the title "No trombones before Jericho" (orig. German: "Keine Posaunen vor Jericho"): edition C.H.Beck oHG, Munich 2002;

Here in this analysis is used the German version "Keine Posaunen vor Jericho" of DTV, Munich 2004, second edition of 2005. All page indications refer to the German version. I hope the page numbers are not very different.

516 B.C.
OT claims an alleged finishing of a new temple in Jerusalem

OT claims:
Serubbabel is said having finished the new temple complex together with priest Jehoshuah 516 B.C., and Serubbabel is said having his origin from house of David and is said having awoken new hopes (Haggai 2,20-23) (p.331).

OT claims an alleged "black period" for Jerusalem until Ezra was coming

until 458 B.C.

OT claims:
Until the arrival of the scholar Ezra - until presumably 458 B.C. - there is said having been a "black period" in Jerusalem with a religious tolerance of other beliefs of the neighboring states and with the tolerance of mixed marriages (p.321).

presumably 458 B.C.
Arrival of the scholar Ezra in Jerusalem - prohibition of mixed marriages - expulsion of "foreign women" - absolute racism in Orthodox Jewry

OT claims:

-- Ezra, a member of the family of the high priest Aaron, is said having come from Persia to Jerusalem

-- Ezra is said having been a loyal man to Moses (Ezra 7,6; 7,10)

-- with Ezra another group of banned is said having been permitted to return

-- Ezra is said having received the order from king Artaxerxes to make investigations about Judah and Jerusalem (p.321)

-- Ezra is said having been financed by Persia and is said having had also judicial power

-- Ezra is said having stated the wrong kinds of believes and "atrocities", also mixed marriages and free mix of the population

-- Ezra is said having united all male returnees of the alleged tribal territories of Judah and Benjamin before the temple in Jerusalem, then Ezra is said having reproached disloyalty to God by mixed marriages with "foreign women"

-- Ezra is said having claimed that the mixed marriages are said having enhanced the "guilty of Israel"

-- Ezra is said having claimed that the men should expel all their foreign women, and the listening men are said having agreed all, and they are said having expelled their foreign women (p.321).

[This is an absolute Jewish religious racism which is free to have in the book shops until today and partially is practices until today yet - but also Muslims and Christians are partly racist in this kind, it's a horror].

It seems strange that the scholar Ezra never speaks any more since this speech. There are no documents mentioned with this by Finkelstein / Silberman (p.321).

445 B.C.
Nehemiah's return to Jerusalem

OT claims:
-- he is said having been a high court official in Persia and is said having heard of the wrong tolerance in Jerusalem

-- the king of Persia is said having permitted the return proclaiming him a governor (p.322).

The alleged construction of a new town wall in Jerusalem under Nehemiah

-- after the arrival in Jerusalem in 445 B.C. Nehemiah is said having called for the construction of a new town wall

-- the elite in the ex northern kingdom of Israel in Samaria and Ammon and the Arabs in the South are said having denounced Nehemiah that he wanted provoke a rebellion by the construction of the wall, and by this the enemies of the wall are said having prepared an attack

-- but the wall is said having been finished despite of all threats (p.322).

The alleged warning for social justice by Nehemiah - prohibition of mixed marriages

-- Nehemiah is said having blamed the economy of interests

-- Nehemiah is said having claimed for the return of land to the poor

-- Nehemiah is said having prohibited marriages with foreign women (p.322)

[and also he is stating a religious racism again].

Orthodoxy in Jewry against mixed marriages

The prescription of the prohibition of mixed marriages is clearly headed against the neighbor states and is the clear [racist] base for Jewry (p.322).

[This Jewish marriage law in the Bible is violating any anti racism law. But selling the Bible is well possible until today. The same thing is in Islam prohibiting mixed marriages, until today absolutely legal...]
Ptolemy rule in Yehud province
Yehud province comes under the rule of the Greek Ptolemies kings governing in Egypt.

about 300 B.C.
Report of the Greek writer Hecataeus from Abdera about Jewish law
Hecataeus reports about the Jewish tradition which has a certain Moses at it's base, with customs of priesthood and with social law according to Deuteronomy (p.336).

The false prophecy is going on
The myth of Moses with the end of the destruction of Jerusalem is known now in the whole Mediterranean, with all the laws and the statehood without king (p.336). There follow first translations into the Greek language. This translation is necessary "unifying" the scattered Jews by the book. Since the dispersal the "holy books" are spreading the [wrong] Jewish identity world wide (p.336-337). With this is also spread the hope of a Jewish Empire without foreigners [without any real sense] (p.337).

198 B.C.
Reign of the Seleucids in Judah
This is a Syrian government [web01].

70 after Christ
Rome: Destruction of the temple and deportation
A part of the Jews is sold on the Roman slave market. Another part survives in the diaspora. The books of Moses and the Deuteronomistic History are becoming a symbol for the solidarity of the Jews.

European Middle Ages

Wrong Jerusalem pictures in Europe in the Middle Ages
Jerusalem is painted in Europe with European town walls and with towers with merlons giving a more powerful impression of Jerusalem than it really was in fact (p.82).

[Merlons on town walls and fortress walls are an Arab invention and are present only by Arab occupation since 700 after Christ appr.]

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[web01] http://www.jerusalem-schalom.de/vorchristi.htm