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Old Testament with the interpretation of space ships

Atomic bomb on Sodom and Gomorra - Moses getting his laws on plates from kingdom of Munt - manna was given by a space ship in form of a cloud - Noah's ark had electrical batteries - the prophets were on "fire cars"

presented by Michael Palomino (2012)

translated in English in 2014



from: Yosip Ibrahim: I visited Ganymede: Wonderful world of space ships (original in Spanish: Yo visité Ganímedes. El mundo maravilloso de los OVNIS): No editor. The book was bought in Nazca in Peru in the big book shop next to the Weapon Square (Plaza de Armas) in 2010; Internet: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ganimedes/ganimedes.htm

Sodoma and Gomorra were destroyed by a thermo nuclear atomic bomb being thrown by extraterrestrials - stone proofs



Until today many scientific people mean that the destruction of these two towns being called "damned" was because atomic bombs were used of the type as they were used in Nagasaki and in Hiroshima. Within this group of searchers is the Soviet physicist Mr. Alexei Kazantzev and the Russian professor Mr. Agrest. Mr. Agrest even presented proofs for his indications, technical foundings of this region, stone materials (p.147) from which all nuclear physicians know that this can only be formed and converted because of an atomic reaction.

The men of the kingdom of Munt explained this case as the fulfillment of another mission which was recommended by the "Mighty Men of The Shining Light" for punishing the life without limits and for punishing the destructive and corrupt life of the governing class in those towns. Because this kind of government was endangering of being transmitted also to the other elected people and was threatening the development of the terrestrial mankind. Thus it was a punishment which should be a lesson.

[Angels visiting Lot are extraterrestrials of a space ship]

Men being considered angels in the Bible were visiting Lot and warned him to leave those places, they were members of the crew of a space ship being of a type of space ship with six staff members. The same Genesis is confirming the extraordinary powers from which they were frighting which was the possibility to defend oneself as Sodomites against one men who was blinding everybody who was preparing an attack. Now they all can fly with Lot and with his family. When all were in a safe distance then the ones came back entering the secret machine going up a hill. And then they destroyed the two towns with just one thermo nuclear atomic bomb...> (p.148)

Moses on Sinai Mountain was with a space ship visiting the world of Munt



During all the time when the Israelites were in the region of Sinai Mountain Moises was many times at it's top. And he was always alone there, only with some exceptions when he was with his brother Aron with the appointment to be the High Priest. Nobody had had the courage to go up to the hill before because this should be punished with the death.

And it was also always like this that in the case of going up Moses was called from the top (p.151) and normally this top was with a big shining cloud with rays and with thunders frightening the people. When Moses was coming back then he was bringing the message "which was given by Jehova".

... Now it's easy to understand that this was a space ship which was fulfilling it's missions to teach forming the basic cultural and religious structures that should be implanted in the souls of the Israeli people. One of those visits was lasting "forty days and forty nights". The whole people could see that Moses was disappearing in this cloud on the top of the hill and then the cloud was going away... This was the trip to the kingdom of Munt where he was learning many new lessons and from where he was coming back with the carved tablets of stone for the law...

It's already well known that with his return the ignorant people was rebellious, eager for sex and greedy altogether and they had their traditional anarchy which was characterizing them since ever since, and in the middle of a great orgy was the golden calf...> (p.152)


Manna was given by a space ship of the kingdom of Munt coming as a cloud



Bible is telling us that the stay of the Israelites in the desert was forty years long, and they received their ration of "manna" every day from the sky. These were some balls of a substance like a bread which were visible every morning during sunrise covering the soil of the camp, and there was enough for everybody.

Men of Munt explain this fact stating that this is a normal food material for themselves with a high content of proteins, carbon hydrates and minerals with vitamins, coming from their vegetable kingdom, and it is giving strength which is proving again and again that the former production was highly industrialized in former times already. Manna was brought in space ships from the kingdom of Munt to one of the space bases which was in about 12,000 km of height over our planet.

Manna was brought in big and hermetically closed vessels evading any decomposition and it was stored in big stores in the bases where the necessary quantity was taken for the daily portion using one of the big space ships with the bases in the mentioned space base. All this was happening in the early morning and only some minutes were needed. In a low height the space ship was over the camp of the Israelites and was converting into a cloud then spreading it's load during a slow flight in a circle returning back then to it's base.> (p.152)


Noah's ark: a ship of a golden cover with batteries and power



In this epoch many technical artifacts were produced. One of them was constructed under the oder of Moses for the new cult for the newly growing religions. The principal was Noah's ark which was also called "secret sanctuary of Jehova". The orders which are testified by the traditions were mystical and primitive and let be the spot of the construction as one of the most holy places where the God of the Israeli people was closing himself up. This was a place where nobody had any access but the High Priest for certain occasions.

Violating this laws was punished with the death, and this punishment was executed several times organizing a big show as during the episode about King David who was considering seeing the ark before the crowd that this sanctuary could fall on the earth. He was touching the ship because he wanted to help but this was answered with a strong thunder coming from the ark and the [holy] staff member remained with a shock...

During these remote times such an event was a horror. There had to be a furious god behind it, and often he should be hidden (p.153) of the sanctuary.

An ignorant people could not find any other explication about phenomena of this natural strength than which were ordered by the priests because only the boss knew the secret. But this secret was principally very simple: The ark as it's described in the Bible was covered of pure gold in the inner and at the outer side. And there was a secret construction (which is never mentioned in the Mose books), and this secret part came from the kingdom of Munt for converting this cult object into a strong electric generator. In the covered inner construction there were batteries forming a big energy storage. During some ceremonies it was used when sparks or light rays were needed being devoted by the High Holiness where they were hidden. During those times no one knew about electric power yet and nobody knew how to produce it. Knowing this was the only privilege of the "initiated people" of the esoteric schools.

And Moses was one of the Sphinx brothers, of the most developed of this country. In this way it was not difficult creating a sanctuary which which was provoked by the mythic concept of desire and necessity implanting in a population the impulse to begin a higher way. For this some tricks ans trickeries were applied, unique forms for dominating a rebellion. Because life of Israelite rebels had been dominated during decades by strong tribes of the vices and by low kinds of passions.

When this ark was covered with gold now which was the leading metal and when there was a direct contact then to the power storages in the inner of the ship then a hidden mechanism was beginning which was only known to the High Priest. He could decide to switch the power stream on or off. With this it can be understood easily that any newly baptized person who had the insolence of touching the ark would get suddenly a lethal stroke of power as it happened with the official David. And the batteries which were of high power were produced by the people of Ganymede. And with this the end was justifying the means...> (p.154)


Space ships (of extraterrestrials): There came "fire cars" and brought prophets to the kingdom of Munt



Not only Moses had the privilege of knowing the marvelous organized world of Munt on the Jupiter satellite. But many of the big representative figures of former times with it's cultures, morals and religions of humanity (p.154) on earth had this possibility in different epochs and locations. The list is very long, because there is people from just everywhere of the world. Presenting all referring details would form a separate book. This will come another time. Here the thing is above all the historical moment and the apocalyptic moment in which our humanity is being confronted.

Among the many names being mentioned on the list there are mentioned Imhotep, Henoch and Elias, Buddha, Zoroaster, Lao-Tse and Confucius (p.155). [...]

The prophets Henoch and Elias who are mentioned in the Old Testament were also brought to the kingdom of Munt as it is mentioned in the Bible text with the following sentence: "They were taken to the sky with a fire car."> (p.156)