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Jurij Below (07): Berlin's and Moscow's debit accounts -

Holocaust consists of several parts

1. NS territory - 2. Russia - 3. emigration - 4. not born Jewish children after 1945 -

Holocaust table of Michael Palomino

Hitler salute
              and Stalin salute were exactly the same gesture...
Hitler salute and Stalin salute were exactly the same gesture...

from Jurij Below

edited and translated by Michael Palomino (5 March 2010)

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Holocaust consists of of several parts. People not thinking logically cannot understand history of mankind. Because myths are created always by tearing some events from their historical context.

Until today Holocaust is a complex thing containing many myths, with an incredible mixture of facts and fiction. But people trying to search for the real course of events of the persecution of the Jews (above all the years from 1942 to 1944) - they are blamed of Holocaust denial. But this research filtering the truth has not the aim minimizing the suffering of the Jews, but the aim is to fix precisely the culprits and who is guilty, on both sides, Berlin AND Moscow, where there was almost the same anti-Jewish policy during World War II - in spite of the war.

Hitler and Stalin had this point in common. Only, Hitler was a "Fascist" and Stalin was a "Communist" resp. an "anti-Fascist", and both wonted to defeat each other. Both were not friends of the Jews. But officially Stalin's debit account is 0 until today, and Berlin is said having committed all persecution of the Jews alone. But this was not the case: After reading several times the works of a man having done a tremendous work with his web site "History in Chronology" (German: "Geschichte in Chronologie") reaching clarification with historical, social and political myths, there is referring to Holocaust automatically the conclusion that Holocaust consists of several parts:

"It was not the poison gas, but everything else". This means analyst Michael Palomino about Holocaust. He brought together the results about the different causes of death with Holocaust in a clear table. Thus Holocaust is parted in 1. NS territory - 2. Russia - 3. emigration - and 4. not born Jewish children after 1945.
Poison gas granulate Zyklon B has no effect in the cold and cannot pass the little holes of shower heads. But other causes of death are combined in the table, as there are tunnel constructioning, epidemics, mass shootings, deportations and mass death in Siberia, and mass death in the Red army. Add to this there are clandestine deportations from Germany to Russia to Gulag camps, and there has to be considered the emigration movement from 1944 to 1948, and much more.
Additionally there have to be mentioned the not born Jewish children after 1945, because there were many Jews and Jewish women who did not let count themselves as Jews any more after 1945, or there were Jewish girls with Christian families and they stayed there as Christians, or there were Jewish women who had suffered so much hunger during the war that they could not be fertile any more.

Palomino's conclusion is: It was not the poison gas, but everything else, a horror. The damage on Jewry can be 6 million. indeed. And the number of culprits is rising (Hitler AND Stalin). Justice has not shown any interest in Palomino's table until today. The table can be seen in the Internet in several languages: http://www.hist-chron.com>

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