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Luther terrorist 02 - comments and conclusions

Finish with Luther: A thinker became an alcoholic and propagandist terrorist to torture, mass murder, witch hunt and manslaughter

Comments: First he was a wise man - and then a highly criminal hater, a model for Hitler

The criminal agitator and alcoholic terrorist Luther (1483-1546) on a German stamp - and he KNEW what he did!
The criminal agitator and alcoholic terrorist Luther (1483-1546) on a German stamp - and he KNEW what he did!

by Michael Palomino (2017)

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The basis for this discussion was this video about the terrorist Luther, who propagated torture, murder, witch-hunts, and manslaughter as an alcoholic propagandist in his medium and later years of life:

Video: Luther as he really was! A stooge of the Antichrist - YouTube (43min.9sec.)
(original German: Luther wie er wirklich war ! Ein Handlanger des Antichristen - YouTube)

Video: Luther wie er wirklich war ! Ein Handlanger des Antichristen - YouTube


The comments and conclusions

6.12.2017: Luther: The wise man became a hater

My e-mail to communication partner Rolf J .: "At first he was a wise man - and then became a highly criminal hater, a model for Hitler"

6.12.2017: Luther was hit by lightning

The answer of communication partner Rolf J., formerly Franconia, today in Sweden, 6.12.2017

"Luther might still have been a thinker during his law studies, then - as they say - he was struck by lightning ..."


7.12.2017: Luther is a wryneck

from communication partner Rolf J., original Franconia, today Sweden: Many thanks for the link to the Luther video !! 06/12/2017

This shows emphatically how much Luther has become the model of a patrician aspiring new citizen by betrayal (!) of everything he wanted to stand for in the beginning. A typical wryneck, to which he let 'educate' himself: full belly and permanently alcoholized ... He has completely lost contact with the message (or never won!).

And so he became the pattern of the self-satisfied lazy Michl German.

As a monk, he failed perfectly in what he meant (and did not understand) what he wanted to have, not being able to be a member of the population.

So I have not been able to perceive this until today, then his hatred of the Jews.

How this came about would be worth an investigation - he translated the Old Testament (maybe there was a lot of quarrel with Melanchthon? Luther is said only hardly having had knowledge of Hebrew). The discovery of an ahrimanic element is a seemingly harmless statement against this.

It is much worse - with regard to the torture practices of that time.

This is a bulk of criminality having approved all this without any contradiction.


7.12.2017: completely crazy, what happened by Luther action

by communication partner Rolf J., former in Franconia, now Sweden, 7.12.2017

he lets himself be forced off the translation of the New Testament (why, what was the purpose of the 'wise man'?

the Anabaptists are not tolerated then! ) ... then later on to the 'complete' Bible, which invalidates that again - and then the catechism as a book of faith becomes his real credo ..., along with church songs. Luther is like a 'mountain and valley' train on a personal level ...


So weit ist man in Frankreich (als Alternative) bis heute noch nicht gekommen.

7.12.2017: By Luther, the dark aspect of the Middle Ages was 'saved' in modern times

by communication partner Rolf J., formerly in Franconia, now Sweden, 7.12.2017

instead of social revolution (see Thomas Muentzer), the most ghastly social upheavals and wars have returned: Huguenot persecutions until the 30 Yeras War etc. This is lasting until today...

among others by Jesuitism as a counter-movement and then even with the Illuminati world with it's fake democracy:

Democracy cannot be applied in the whole states!

Democracy was and is the local form of citizen's participation in towns and communities towards cantons. On a national base only frauds can result as it showed historically with many examples. The ultimate state concept was formulated by golden bull.

So far it's not reached in France yet (as an alternative) until today.


8.12.2017: the hatred against the Jews seems to come from there

by communication partner Rolf J., formerly Franconia, now Sweden, 8.12.2017

because the Jews also present their books, but not only (!), but actually read a lot more than the others of the established establishment. Reading is considered a virtue - others not so.

It's clear that this is fixing a narrow-minded scriptural belief, but also maneuverability in the art of reasoning.

One was jealous of the literacy of Judaism, even considering the background that only few could afford expensive books. The public library system was just in the beginning yet, so the pure school education was dominating because of lack of the reading skills. of independent reading skills. And with the Jews then we have just the Talmudism.


8.12.2017: If Jews only read the Torah, they did not read much

by Michael Palomino to communication partner Rolf J.

It depends on WHAT they are reading, and Judaism is pretty lost only reading Torah with propaganda against Egypt not knowing anything abouth pyramids which are missing in this Torah...

Conclusion 9/12/2017: Luther became a wryneck due to the wars over Charles V.

by Michael Palomino, to communication partner Rolf J, Sweden

The situation is clarifying how Luther became a wryneck:
First he wanted to change everything with the theses of 1517,
then Charles V was elected emperor in 1519 (Austria-Spain, an empire where the sun never sets),
then the jealous king of France, who had also liked to become emperor, organized everything against Charles V and collaborated with the Turks, who besieged Vienna in 1529 (to destroy Charles V, which the king of France would have liked very much).
My thesis: This eternal war situation and as a "provision" against Turks, Luther has apparently made his turnaround and he has insisted on strict adherence, because in a war situation you can not make a revolution and the population should not be divided. In that case, every means was right against everyone else, with fear holes, wheeling, and veining, etc. In a war situation with Turks as a danger, you can not need Anabaptists. There was no referendum at that time, it still does not exist today on a national level in Germany. Why he also tolerated the death sentences (pyre) against midwives and healers with natural medicine is absolutely unclear. This is apparently the alcoholic delusion of Luther. Luther was an insane, criminal psycho-alcoholic.
Charles V squandered all the profit from Peru and Bolivia (gold mines and silver mines) with wars against France and Turkey. Luther died in 1546, Charles V in 1558.
These relationships are hitherto suppressed, as well as the whole alcoholism of Luther is officially suppressed so far.


Conclusion 9.12.2017: Luther principles = NATO principles

by Michael Palomino, to communication partner Rolf J, Sweden

Luther = Antichrist - criminal NATO copies the criminal Luther principles
Luther was a stooge of death, the antichrist. Since 1949, the criminal NATO has established the Christian army with the fake argument against communism, since 1990 NATO is wildly murdering all over the world with the same principles as the criminal agitator and alcoholic Luther had: who disobeys gets bombs, since 1990 these are radioactive uranium bombs. To date, this conection is not recognized.

Michael Palomino, 9.12.2017


Conclusion 10.12.2017: Martin Luther Street = 95 Thesis Street (short: 95)

by Michael Palomino, to communication partner Rolf J, Sweden

In this way one can rename all Martin Luther streets into 95 Theses streets, then all is cleaned up and Luther is reduced to the theses and is no longer in the street names as alcoholics and propagandist and warmonger and witch burners in the streets' names.


10.12.2017: How did Luther nail 95 theses to the church door?

by communication partner Rolf J., Ex-Franken, today Sweden, 7.12.2017

the strange thing is that of all the theses hardly known today.
And 95 in number! One has to keep in mind how small the writing must have been there - or Luther has completely pinned the door with his papers!


Conclusion 10/12/2017: After the change Luther got a church - and the Vatican made 300 years war against Protestant states - therefore the extremism - Luther=terrorist

by Michael Palomino, to communication partner Rolf J, Sweden

Luther was liberated from the castle, and he got a church for his preaching. There must have been a big change in the situation. The criminal, gay-infertile Vatican made 300 years of war against the Protestant states in Europe. This means that there was 300 years civil war in Europe. And in this eternal war situation against the criminal, gay, infertile Vatican, Luther transformed himself into a martial alcoholic with the propaganda to kill everything that was not in his line.
And that is the NATO principle of today!

Luther became a terrorist and nobody stopped him. Pathetic culture.


Conclusion 10.12.2017: Luther = terrorist AND he called for further terrorism against fellow human beings (!)

by communication partner Rolf J., formerly in Franconia, today Sweden, 10.12.2017

Later he called for terrorism, which is far worse than being a terrorist himself.

He seems quite similar to people who call for violence as Muslims - e.g. the former boxer Pierre Vogel

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Photo sources
[1] Luther on a stamp: https://www.pinterest.es/pin/190206784246529123/