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Bible fraud 01 - Fantasy Bible

Bible fraud: Fake data, enemy pictures, research, Jesus and Horus, criminal Vatican, criminal NATO, Latin "America" ​​etc.
1. War book Bible with the Old Testament with the Jewish mandate to extinguish all other cultures - 2. The New Testament with a Jesus without monuments and relics etc. - 3. Jesus is Horus of Egypt - 4. Jesus (Horus ) NEVER had a book - he helped and healed - WITHOUT a book - The wrong Bible and wrong Translations - 5. The Bible does NOT cover the themes of life: sociology, psychology, education and natural medicine - 6. Bible does NOT redeem, but the Bible is rather trapping the people - with psychoterrorism with 50% fake data - 7. Bible comes from Europe - and continues to terrorize "America" ​​- 8. Bible - Vatican - Satanists - drug trafficking - 9. The criminal Bible is the spiritual source for the criminal "US" NATO: mass murder, atomic bombs, Agent Orange, uranium bombs etc. - 10. Wrong way and dead end Bible - Italy and Latin "America" ​​are destroying themselves with the Bible in their hands - 11. Conclusion: The Bible is the gigantic fraud of world history - News: Nov. 4, 2018: Bible is made up by men, is not the "Word of God" - example King James Bible in England: Handwritten layout proves that the Bible is a work of fantasy --
by Michael Palomino (2015 - translation 2019)

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1. The war book Bible with the Old Testament with the Jewish order to extinguish all other cultures
The Bible with it's Old Testament is a war book of Judaism against its neighbors Egypt and Persia with a black and white image of the world with the slogan: Who is not for us, is against us. Those who are not of "our" religion have no right to live. Judaism is continuasly preaching: Other cultures must be eradicated to fulfill the will of "God." And the Jewish empire goes from the Nile to the Euphrates (see Mose 1, chapter 15, phrase 18). But this is only the "core" territory ...

This Old Testament is pure Jewish culture. The rules of life come from a so-called Moses, who is said to have survived 40 days on Mount Sinai without water and without food in a cloud. The truth is: the cloud was an UFO and Moses was on another star for 40 days and was brought back with the tablets of another civilization [with completely strange rules of life].

Im Neuen Testament beschreibt die Bibel eine Geschichte eines Jesus, von dem kein einziges Denkmal erhalten ist, keine einzige Inschrift erhalten ist, auch kein einziges Papyrus, kein einziger Brief, keine Reliquie, keine Pfeife, kein Kleidungsstück, kein Schuhriemen, kein Haarschmuck, keine Aktentasche, kein Schreibstift, rein gar nichts. Das ist schon komisch, wenn Jesus eine solch berühmte Person gewesen sein soll: Er soll fortlaufend Leute geheilt haben. Er soll sogar Leute geheilt haben, ohne sie zu kennen. Er soll sogar Fernheilungen ausgeführt haben, ohne die Leute vorher zu kennen. Und er soll sogar Leute zum leben wiedererweckt haben, die schon gestorben waren. Er soll über das Wasser gelaufen sein und soll die Kapitalisten aus dem Tempel gejagt haben. Und als er zu viel mit den "Weisen" diskutierte, soll er sogar verfolgt worden sein und gekreuzigt worden sein.

2. The New Testament with a Jesus without monuments and relics etc.
In the New Testament, the Bible describes a story of a Jesus of whom not one single monument has been preserved, not one single inscription, not one single papyrus, not one single letter, no relic, no whistle, no garment, no belt, no hair ornament, no briefcase, no pen, nothing at all. That's weird if Jesus was to be such a famous person: He's supposed to have healed people all the time. He is said to have cured people without knowing them. He is said to have even carried out long-distance healings without knowing the people before. And he's even supposed to have brought people to life who had already died. He allegedly ran across the water and was said to have chased the capitalists out of the temple. And when he discussed too much with the "wise men", he is said to have been persecuted and crucified.

Jesus is a code 33 story from the Freemasons - code 33 is the highest grade of the Freemasons - link here. Jesus is above all a story with the codes 3, 12, 13, and 33 - link.

How was it in real? We see this here:

3. Jesus is Horus of Egypt
There is a peculiar coincidence of the curriculum vitae of Jesus and Horus of Egypt, the god of wisdom and medicine. There are temples of Horus, and there are inscriptions of Horus. He was one of the extraterrestrial pharaohs from the constellation of Orion. The pyramids are arranged like the belt of the constellation Orion.

The Jewish narrators thus took the story of Horus, replaced the name with Jesus and had their own new prophet, without naming Horus once.

From the so called cross where the fantasy Jesus was so-called crossed, there are so many relicts that 70 crosses could be built of them. So, one can see that nothing works with this Jesus - but with Horus all is right. He was not crossed, but he could fly to heaven. Thus, the ascension is right.

4. Jesus (Horus) NEVER had a book - he helped and healed - WITHOUT a book - the wrong way with a Bible and wrong Translations
"Christianity" is probably shocked considering the fact that Jesus (Horus) never had a book with him. He just helped and healed. He had a small group and sometimes were some prostitutes around and he was always with the poor. On the other hand, Jesus (Horus) never wanted to have anything to do with the rulers and tax collectors. This means: what pastors are damning always, poverty and prostitution, were the elements of life of Jesus: THERE with the poor and with the women was the source of life. With the "high politicians", with the banker's ties and with the corrupt criminal finance ministers and governments, there is NO life for sure.

Thismeans, it's an absolute wrong way to study the Bible, because helping and healing is life and NOT the study of the Bible, which is far too thick and complicated anyway, and only leads to internal quarrels within the church. Even the translation "God" is not right. The Greek original says clearly that the "gods" were the creators - extraterrestrials [from other stars]. You can read this in the books of Mr. Däniken. Such major mistakes in translation are abundant in the Bible, and that is one of the reasons why there should not be any Bible study AT ALL, but one should be focused on life: sociology, psychology, education and natural medicine.

5. The Bible does NOT cover the themes of life: sociology, psychology, education and natural medicine
The War Book Bible in the Old Testament treats practically only war, hatred, and annihilation against other cultures, and the New Testament portrays a healer who called himself Jesus. But the big issues of life are NOT treated. There is almost no information on sociology, psychology, education and natural medicine.

This means that people turning to "Christianity" are completely HOAXED
-- with 50% fake historiography of the Middle East and Egypt and with a condemnation of all other religions
-- and sociology, psychology, education and natural medicine are practically NOT present, although these are the most important elements for any lifestyle.

[Web site with sociology, psychology, education and natural medicine: www.med-etc.com]

[One has to see clearly that the Jews were never the enemy of Egypt, and there are NO findings from the first temple, nor of Jerusalem of those times because in those times the town of Jerusalem did NOT exist yet. The Kingdom of David is a big LIE, and in those times the population consisted only in some shepards with their sheep in peace. THAT's it. All this can be seen in the book "The Bible Unearthed" - link here].

6. The Bible does NOT redeem, but the Bible is trapping the people - with psychoterrorism with 50% fake data
"Christianity" always claims that the Bible and Jesus would "redeem" people. This is a gigantic lie, because the war book Bible and the false Jesus are pure psycho terrorism.

Jesus was Horus, an extraterrestrial, and he can not die. The crucifixion is a lie and is only a show.

The documents about the story are all a fake and are a pure psychoterror. New Jewish archeology with the book "The Bible unearthed" (link here) has clearly stated that approximately 50% of the Old Testament is WRONG and would have to be replaced by new Jewish archeology research. The Chief Rabbis, however, refuse to revise the Old Testament and continue to manipulate the WHOLE world with an enemy image of Egypt and Syria, but this Syria did NOT exist in those times, and with a Moses in a basket that NEVER has existed. You see, the Bible is really the purest psychological terror, Bible=psycho terrorism. Also the Jewish festivals, which are installed bringing the fake Old Testament to life, are the purest psychological terror against the neighboring countries.

7. The Bible comes from Europe - and continues to terrorize "America"
The Christian colonialists came with this war book "Bible" in their hands and claimed that in the name of the God of the Bible, the rule would be in their hands now. The white warrior from Europe occupied the continent, which he called "America". In the "USA" alone, around 20 million indigenous people and natives were killed in the name of the criminal Bible. The Bible is therefore demonstrably NOT an "American" culture and does NOT belong to "America". Not even the word "America" ​​comes from "America", but it comes from Europe from a Mr. Waldseemüller from Germany (link here). To this day, the governments in Latin "America" have NOT noticed this and they still oppress the natives with their compulsion to the "Christian faith", which is absolutely WRONG, and they still call their continent "America", although this is a term from Europe. So the Bible has nothing to do with "America". Not even the word "America" ​​is "American."

The Bible terror of Christianity wiped out entire cultures in Europe as well. For example, the Vikings were expelled from northern Europe by the criminal Rome Church and made to emigrate to Mexico and Peru, where they were then considered the Incas. Certain parts of the population in today's Mexico still speak the northern German of Schleswig. This can be read in the book "Columbus came last" (original German: Kolumbus kam als Letzter - link here).

8. Bible - Vatican - Satanists - drug trafficking
It is important to see clearly what this criminal Bible has provoked: Between 1200 and 1300 - after the collapse of the Crusader states (!) - French bishops joined. After the many earthquakes in Europe that destroyed the ancient cities, this group of French bishops settled in the ruines of a little town called Rome to build the Vatican. The resistance of German bishops was destroyed. Then, the Vatican has INVENTED 400 years of history, falsifying documents to seize many territories after the earthquakes and after the plague epidemics - simply by claiming that there would be an ancient document attributing the ownership of the Church, etc., see the book
"Columbus came last" (original German: Kolumbus kam als Letzter - link here).

The Vatican then built its mafia occupying northern Europe, expelled the Vikings, who then became the Incas in Mexico and Peru. The Vatican with it's armies of the "old orders" has exterminated the old cults in Eastern Europe, which became "unemployed" after the collapse of the crusader states, and then they headed against all Eastern Europe installing their mafia there. To date, the Vatican is a satanic drug association. The drugs come directly from Peru [Italian Ndrangheta mafia brings the drug from Peru and Columbia to Italy, and Vatican Bank is laundering the mafia's drug money - link here]. In this Vatican there is also child trafficking and there are satanic rituals involving killing children for the mafia of a Jewish "God" and all power is controlled in the world with the major intelligence agencies (C300, MI6, CIA, etc.) - this is all normal. When the Pope welcomes Rockefeller and Rothschild in New York, everything is clear (the book "The Committee of 300" by John Coleman with data about the Committee of the 300 in London, the center of power of the Rothschild Tribunal with the negative extraterrestrial Luzifer: link here).

The Vatican does not intend to "modernize" the Bible, but the Vatican lives on the enemy image of all other cultures, otherwise this largely homosexual old men's home Vatican would soon be dissolved ...

9. The criminal Bible is the spiritual source for the criminal "US" Nato: mass murder, nuclear bombs, Agent Orange, uranium bombs, etc.
To this day [2015], the Bible is needed as a justification for the criminal army being called NATO. In the NATO army camps in the "USA," NATO's human war machines (the Marines) are "trained", and there is a cathedral in the middle of the training camps, where "worship services" are staged against all other cultures by propaganda and enemy pictures. That means: In the criminal "USA" the destructive energy of the machine gun is DIRECTLY combined with the BIBLE. And the Home Office of the "USA," the Chief Rabbis and the Vatican, are not intervening, though they certainly know how criminal NATO "is training" their mass murderers. It is a horror.

10. The wrong way and Dead End Bible - Italy and Latin "America" ​​are destroying themselves with the Bible in their hands
Overall, the Bible is an absolute aberration that leads to the slavery of the Church and the Vatican. Especially in Peru, this slavery still exists today, and people do not realize that they are running after a book of the whites from the real gringo warrior. The governments in Peru have the direct line of drugs to the Vatican [with Italian Ndrangheta mafia], which is one of the drug-distribution centers in Europe. The Peruvian government does not intend to enlighten the population, but the people in Peru are deliberately left in the Bible's erroneous beliefs and "drying out" there in the mental dead end WITHOUT sociology, WITHOUT psychology, WITHOUT educational guidelines and WITHOUT natural medicine.

In Italy, for example, the "most Catholic" country in Europe, self-destruction by Christianity has reached the groundwater. The mafia - with the Bible in hand - has organized the pollution of southern Italy with waste tourism. Berlusconi and his Swiss freemason "friend" Tettamanti systematically were smuggling garbage from Central Europe to southern Italy and buried it there, collecting millions for "garbage disposal". Now in southern Italy some fields and groundwater are contaminated. The vegetables have become inedible and the population has to drink from bottles. Nothing matters to these criminals Berlusconi and Tettamanti - with the Bible in their hands. They stay free. However, today's regional governments in southern Italy - the bible-holding mafia - are requesting without hesitation new funds from Brussels for the rehabilitation of the fields and groundwater (!).

As far as Latin "America" is concerned, the situation is this: Many Latin American Christians continue to live in racism against all other religions and consider all other faiths "outlawed", especially on the coast lines. They continue to destroy their original religions and original cultures with a "progress" which is distributed by the white gringo warrior, this means: McDonalds [with trash food], oil companies in the jungle [contaminating everything], mining companies from Canada, Australia [destroying the landscape and provoking heavy health damages], etc. If natural medicine would be recognized as a life element, the destruction of nature by oil and mines would be stopped. The Bible, on the other hand, is giving free the way for destroying nature. And therefore, Latin "America" is destroyed with the Bible in the hand - and they are NOT aware it. The money from the drug line to the Vatican is simply too attractive for the corrupt criminal finance ministers and governments.

11. Conclusion: The Bible is the gigantic fraud of world history
The Bible is a classic gringo war book, a gigantic fraud and is a tool of terror. The chief rabbis as well as the Vatican prevent a modernization of the Bible with new research and new themes of life. It is already time that the bible people, who are still indoctrinated today, open their eyes to read other books too: with sociology, with psychology, with education and with natural medicine. Life can take place WITHOUT Bible, with human rights and with the topics of life. The feeling for the environment only really comes during studying natural medicine, developing the feeling that every plant has a healing effect. Unfortunately, also this is NOT in the Bible ...

Therefore, the Bible is NOT a model with all it's wars and extremist ideas with stereotypes as models, and for life weapons are not needed, and armies are not at all needed, but Human Rights and Jesus respectively Horus count: helping and healing without side effects. [Fantasy] Jesus healed WITHOUT a book.


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Nov. 4, 2018: Bible is made up by men, is not the "Word of God" - example King James Bible in England:
Handwritten layout proves that the Bible is a work of fantasy
(original German: Handschriftlicher Entwurf beweist, dass die Bibel ein Werk der Phantasie ist)

An early Bible design was discovered at the University of Cambridge in the UK, considered one of the most significant discoveries in modern history. The manuscript design was found after it had been previously mislabeled in an archive and thus remained undetected for decades.

The book has been endorsed by leading experts as the early work of the King James Bible, which is one of the most influential and widely read books in English.

The discovery was celebrated as definitive proof that the content of the Bible is an invention, showing a process of reworking, shortening, and then more of rewriting, which contradicts the popular belief that the book is the "heavenly word of God". The King James Bible, or simply the Authorized Version, is an English translation of the Christian Bible for the Church of England, which combines books from the Old and New Testaments as well as other Christian scriptures.

The notes and comments in the recently discovered draft of this book show how "best pieces" were selected from the original books and then beautified, exaggerated or rewritten to allow "better reading". There is also evidence that sections were written by order of the king to meet the notion that the royal bloodline was divine in order to infuse the "ordinary" people the false belief that the hierarchy of ruling elites would be justified.

The draft notebook was found by an American scientist, Jeffrey Alan Miller, an Assistant Professor of English at Montclair State University in New Jersey, who posted his research in an article in the Times Literary Supplement. Miller researched an essay on Samuel Ward, one of the King James translators, and hoped to find an unknown letter in the archive.

While it can be said that he achieved this goal, he definitely did not expect to find the earliest draft of the King James Bible - which now gives new insights into how the Bible came into being. When he came across the notebook, he first did not know what it was - it was labeled wrongly.

That's the reason, why no one had found it before. It was cataloged in the 1980s as a "verse-by-verse" Bible commentary with "Greek Word Studies and Some Hebrew Notes." When he tried in vain to figure out which passages of the Bible the comment referred to, he realized that it was not a comment - it was rather an early draft of part of the King James Version of the Bible itself.

Professor Miller described how it felt when he realized what he was holding in his hands:

    "It was like a thunderbolt, a jump from the bathtub. But then comes the more difficult process to make sure you're 100 percent right. "

[The way of working a "Bible"]

The material in the manuscript discovered by Miller concerns the dubious books of Esda and Wisdom, and seems to show that the translation process in Cambridge has worked completely differently than researchers had previously assumed. Previously, it had been assumed that six different teams, that means, companies of translators had worked more collaboratively than individually. But this layout rejects this idea.

Ward's layout seems to indicate that people have been assigned to individual sections of the Bible, and then they have worked almost exclusively on their own - certainly a huge task. One would think that this would make people more prone to mistakes. In fact, Professor Miller noted hilariously that the layout  suggests that Ward had replaced another translator.

This really shows how human the whole workflow was, so his opinion.
"Some of them, who were typical academics, jumped into this work or simply decided not to. This really testifies to the human component of this kind of big project. "
While this finding certainly does not refute God's existence, it does show that Bible translators did not get a finished product with the first trial - it was not like an easy walk in the park with an angel over their shoulders telling them what to write.

However, it provides the final proof that the Bible is not the "true word of God" and that the words in the Bible should not be taken literally.

The result clearly shows how people can be manipulated into submission by tapping into stories of other people claiming to have "divine powers" to dominate them, in a way that resembles how the governments of today  [2018] are using mass media manipulating the public.

This book project involved many different people working who were working separately - and they often suffered from man-made difficulties, such as deadlines for example. Actually, thinking about it, it does not sound so much different from the day-to-day work of authors in today's professional world.>

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