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Catholics - index - organized crime

Criminal Vatican Church = gay sect with 80% gays - with systematic terror against normal love life with prohibition of love - with systematic child abuse - with systematic gangbang rape against children from 4 years onwards - with systematic child sacrifice to a Jewish "God" - with systematic collaboration with criminal Freemasons, with criminal Satanists (Committee of the 300 in London) and colaborating with the Italian Mafia (Ndrangheta) for drug trafficking - systematic money laundering for drug money - systematic espionage with criminal intelligence services (P2 Lodge, Opus Dei Gay, etc. in collaboration and manipulating CIA, MI6, BND, NDB, Interpol, etc.) - systematic difamation with fake data - systematic mafia structures to terrorize the WHOLE world - THIS is the criminal gay Vatican

Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, Mohammed and Ali as well as the "God" are INVENTED heroic figures. Gods (eloim - extraterrestrials) have brought life to earth - so these were extraterrestrials. Peace is with Mother Earth - www.med-etc.com. Michael Palomino, Aug. 4, 2018

Without Cristianity = NO wars.

Bible does NOT heal.

Criminality of the Church will only stop when the Church has gone.

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Catholics over 40 are by 50% IMPOTENT and DEPRESSIVE and AGRESSIVE, partially also INCONTINENT and in DIAPERS already. The eternal propaganda against happyness in the fantasy Bible and sexual child abuse have their consequences.
Michael Palomino, 21-10-2017

Christianity caused in total in 1700 years - I estimate - so 3 billion deaths or so: extermination of ALL natives in Europe, crusades due to rumors, pogroms to Jews, after 1291 (after the loss of the crusader states) followed the brutal colonization of Eastern Europe exterminating also all natives there, with brutal wars, with forced conversions etc. - and worst colonial policy of the brutal Church with slavery and mass killings was in Africa and in Latin "America", followed by Protestant wars against Catholics with millions of lethal victims, with the extermination of the Natives in the "USA" and Canada, with wars about the "USA", with wars in Europe, with world wars, and also NATO wars are always for "cristianity". Without Cristianity = NO wars.
Michael Palomino, May 26, 2018

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  • Catholic shit (news) 
    Child Abuse and Rape WITHOUT END - Analysis of Vatican organized crime with gays, child abuse, Satanism, drug trafficking, money laundering, collusion with Italian Ndrangheta Mafia, manipulation of all Latin "America" into poverty, psycho terror, false Catholic pride, prevention of science, truth and research, etc.
  • Catholic shit (videos)   
    Child abuse - Vatican bank is drug bank - Collaboration of the cr. Vatican with the Italian Mafia - Port Tauro - Italian Mafia infiltrates Catholic rituals - Equivalence of religions 1986 and 1999 etc.


Resistence against Catholic criminal pedophile money laundering Church
Resistence against criminal Vatican

English organizations
Bishop Accountability: BishopAccountability.org
Ending Clergy Abuse (Peter Isely)
Ending Clerical Abuse ECA (victim: Denise Buchanan)
Save our Sisters (international)
SNAP (abuse victims)
The Tablet (GB - www.thetablet.co.uk)
Women's Church World (Vatican)
Women's Church World: Zeitung (Vatican)
Voices of Faith (for more women in the Fantasy Church)

German organizations

Child protection service (Kinderschutz - Shitzerland / Switzerland, Xenia Schlegel)
Giordano Bruno Foundation (Giordano-Bruno-Stiftung)
Institute for world vision right (Institut für Weltanschauungsrecht)
Miss Bit (abuse in the diocese of the German town of Trier)
Squared Table (Eckiger Tisch): Matthias Katsch

French organizations
ESPAS (Shitzerland / Switzerland, by the victim Mr. Pittet)
The liberated word (La parole liberée - France)

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