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14 points to get over worldwide poverty

14 points, coming up by combined wisdom about banks, commerce, history, sociology and by living with the poor (in Lima) - and more points

by Michael Palomino (August 2007 / 2015)

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End of August 2007 I finished the work about measures against the world wide poverty. There are 14 points which should be realized in the "development countries". Then poverty will go away within 10 to 15 years:

1. introduce pension and unemployment insurance -> safety effect and effect against corruption

2. introduce health insurance with natural medicine and blood group food as first priority -> saving and safety effect and against corruption

3. water supply for all the same

4. introduce an efficient public traffic with subscriptions and region passes -> big saving effect

5. introduce solar energy for current production and for cooking -> safety effect and big saving effect

6. introduce an absolute building control, and in an earthquake zone the houses have to be built earthquake safe -> safety and saving effect

7. flood control measures (reinstall floodplain forests a.o.) and swimming houses where it's a flood zone -> safety effect

8. reduce school uniforms to a minimum or abolish them totally -> big saving effect and demilitarization of the schools

9. promote an efficient and quick justice system -> big saving effect

10. introduce a playground and a handicraft culture, but the playgrounds without metals because metals are stolen

11. promote bike traffic and reduce car traffic in combination with promotion of public traffic -> saving effect and -> more efficiency, above all in flat towns, and -> more life quality
12. introduce paper recycling and waste recycling -> saving effect

13. invent cheap but good furniture from recycling without wood, because the populations are mostly short of furnitures, but the countries are also short of forests and of woods mostly

14. the countries must not give their mines to foreign companies for free any more, but the profit has to be kept in the country for all the population.

Countries which realize these 14 points step by step, can get over poverty in 10 to 15 years.

With this solution of the problem of the worldwide poverty my relationship to the world changes positively. It's a pity that nobody saw these 14 points before. For this solution wisdom from the banks, from commerce, from sociology and living with the poor was necessary.

The rich upper class and the government of a country have to change the structures - help to the poor will not serve to a change of the structures

A help to the poor is something good, but will not change poverty. The best would be when the upper class of the rich will learn in Central Europe how to change a state with poverty into a state without poverty. The rich and the governments have the solution in their hands to learn how to change the structures of a state with poverty, and after this the poor will do all for not being poor any more, when the structures give the possibilities.

So, we need courses about the social state for the upper classes.

Further points for more development for a fertile life without violence

-- introduce an anti racism law against discrimination of race and sex
-- define war as an illness and put all warmongers into psychiatry so they will be healed from their obsession of war
-- refurbishment of history in a honest way on the base of data, not on the base of propaganda or election campaign
-- introduce training of non-violence when there are conflicts
-- introduce a parent's degree that parents sign human rights before they get children and learn to lead a family without violence
-- forbid domestic violence (slapping, forced marriage a.o.) and introduce social consulting for men, women and parents
-- forbid hindering dressing rules which have discriminating effect
-- forbid possession of a fire arm
-- install meeting points or social centers as house of cultures where people can meet and speak with each other casually on the base of human rights.

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