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Medizinisches von La Quinta Columna (Spanien) 27.8.2021: Ionisierung der Bevölkerung von verschiedenen Punkten aus - Geigerzähler merkt es
Impfschäden Schweiz Coronaimpfung, [27.08.21 11:16]


La Quinta Columna shares new videos of ionizing radiation measurements with Geiger counters

New videos of ionizing wave measurements with analog Geiger meters have been sent to La Quinta Columna. The population is being irradiated not just in one particular area but in several. Little by little, a record is being made of the moments when electromagnetic pulses are detected in the environment.

Orwell City offers the moments where Dr. José Luis Sevillano and Ricardo Delgdo share, comment, and analyze the videos people have sent them.

Ricardo Delgado: We're going to talk about ionizing radiation, and we're going to show some examples of what we're collecting, José Luis. Since we've been sent some videos. As you said, measurements with Geiger counters, which measure ionizing radiation. And these are the results we're finding.

Man: I'm on the highway that goes from Alicante, from Elche...

Ricardo Delgado: Well, in principle, he's in the middle of nowhere. He isn't in an urban center. This place isn't surrounded by the famous 5G, 4G, 4G Plus antennas, etc. Or any of the ones we have around here.

Man: Albacete. That's a gas station, a service station. I'm... I'm not there yet... I haven't arrived at Monforte del Cid yet. The next town is Monforte del Cid.

Ricardo Delgado: Okay. When the needle reaches the extreme end, at 2.5 mR/hr, it's because the radiation is actually coming off the scale. And you'll have to switch to R/hr for it to start measuring the real thing. There's another one. There's another video. There are several from the same person.

Dr. Sevillano: I'm located in the Crevillente area. With the entrance of the A-7 to Crevillente. This is Polígono Industrial I8. There it says Carrer IBI. There's the door company Luvipol.

Ricardo Delgado: Well, that's to get an idea of the location of where he has done this. Where he's doing the measurements. The interesting thing, or rather, the disturbing thing is that this type of device, the Geiger counter, already measures ionizing radiation, the directly harmful one. The same as the other type, but this type of wave is directly recognized by Nájera. By Dr. Nájera. This counter would not have to show any kind of measurement. It should be at zero. And yet it is giving pulses.

Dr. Sevillano: That's why this has to be done. What this man does. He goes around measuring everything he can. He goes measuring away from where he lives. He's doing what he can to make people realize that it's not about one particular place. They're irradiating in many places. So the more of these devices we have and the more these videos circulate, the better chance we have of finding out where there's radiation. Because that's how they make us sick. That's how we get sick. That's how. It's that and the clouds. That's what's making us sick right now weirdly and seriously. And when the next wave comes, remember the Hum, because that sound means they're using the geoclimatic antennas combined with or without chemical clouds. With all that, they create the real COVID cases.

Ricardo Delgado: We're going to show three more videos of this gentleman who is making measurements in different parts of the country.

Man: Well, I have done more measurements.

Ricardo Delgado: We'll make videos like this one.

Man: At this kilometer point and look at what the device registers.

Ricardo Delgado: Regarding the calibration issue, even if a device isn't calibrated —the one from the video was, the owner did it using the instruction manual—, what would happen if it wasn't calibrated would be that, consequently, the needle would measure a little less or a little more; but this device will always measure within the spectrum of ionizing waves. So this is something that shouldn't happen. Let's look at another video.

Man: I'm at the gas station. And, at the same time, about 30 kilometers, more or less, from Valencia. I had to change the scale.

Ricardo Delgado: He has changed it to the R/hr.

Man: The intensity is very high. It's quite high here. Very much like...

Ricardo Delgado: Oh, look at that.

Heck! Holy mother of God!

Man: I had to switch to a higher scale. To the one below, which goes from 0 to 1 R/h. Uh... Well, there's the measurement at this spot. At this point.

Ricardo Delgado: The bottom scale is the one that's in R/hr. Well, and let's see the last one we have over here as well.

Man: Well. Fontanars Penitentiary Center. Here the needle is saturated. I have to change the scale. Ah, no... You can see it. Yes, you can see it.

Ricardo Delgado: And the last one. This is a measurement with another device. One similar to the ones we have suggested to obtain. This is another measurement. In Santander. I seem to remember that they have sent it from Santander. It's this one here. It has no sound. This meter measures directly in R/hr. That is, that's why the pulse is smaller. If it were mR/hr it would be bigger...

Dr. Sevillano: But you can see that it reaches 1 R/hr. It is as if it was saturating the scale of the other device, the one that was above at the same time. The mR/hr. It's the same thing.

Ricardo Delgado: Right, indeed. If it were measured in mR/hr, it would look out of band right now,

Dr. Sevillano: Exactly. And this is in Santander, in the north. The other one is on the Levante coast. Do you see that they are irradiating everywhere? Let's see if more videos come in and we get measurements from more places.

Ricardo Delgado: We repeat ionizing radiation.

Dr. Sevillano: Ionizing. 

Ricardo Delgado: I'll forward it a little bit. Notice now where the needle has been positioned. Above 1 and close to 2. 

Dr. Sevillano: God...

Ricardo Delgado: It's worrying.

Dr. Sevillano: We've got...

Ricardo Delgado: We've got work to do. We've got work ahead of us.

Dr. Sevillano: We've got work because this... This is... This is it's a new bet to see if we can stop all this.>

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