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Einstein index: just all is stolen

Facts, scandals, theft of millions, concealing things, fakes, racism with fantasy religions etc.

by Michael Palomino (since 2019)


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EINSTEIN - FAKER + THIEF + THE MATHS DID MILEVA -- Conclusions: This Einstein was a MONOCULTURE and a DISASTER -- The principles of Einstein: Robbery, let work others, leave women without rights -- The principles of Einstein: mix+cover up identities, high losses of money, company was installed to fool creditors, let Mileva die alone, religious war -- Thesis: from 1912: Einstein acts against Mileva to fulfill the wish of the Jewish racist parents to marry a Jewish woman -- Supplement: August 1914: Mileva wanted to save the relationship and cooperation until recently - disordered Einstein had to hire mathematicians, at the expense of the German taxpayer ... -- Supplement: WWI - Nobel Prize - WWII - death of Mileva at Aug.4, 1948 - Einstein is just a "pipe"

Einstein refused high mathematics - Mileva did the high math for him - Einstein with violin - Mileva with piano - Einstein with diploma, Mileva without diploma - Suspicion of abuse in childhood - Jewish Einstein parents always against Mileva - 1905: Publications WITHOUT sources - Mileva's surname Maric (Marity) is deleted - gang criminality with the journal "Annalen der Physik" - career in Bern, Zurich, Prague, ETH Zurich - cousin Elsa on the orders of the Jewish family - 1919: Mileva will get the Nobel Prize money in 1923 - 3 houses in Zurich bought and sold again - Einstein from 1930 in Princeton: "work" with lectures and famous women - from 1933: Zionist Einstein as a warmonger against Germany, not speaking with Germans - 1939: signature under the atomic bomb letter - 1948: Mileva dies alone in the hospital - Frieda Einstein brings the Mileva letters off - letter research with Evelyn Einstein - 1955: Einstein makes suicide: operation denied - "Einstein quotes" are often not from him

2. Einstein - chronology

Reports with data about Mileva Einstein (born Maric / Marity)
  • Report 1986: EMMA

  • Report 1990: Evan Harris Walker: Ms. Einstein (16 pages - edited by Michael Palomino 2019)
    Report by Evan Harris Walker on the mass robbery of Einstein to his wife Mileva - speech at the annual meeting of AAAS 1990

    Bang 1) Collaboration between Albert Einstein and Mileva Marić is very tight being described in the letters several times
    Bang 2) Photoelectric effect: the idea is from Prof. Lenard, Heidelberg, being transmitted by Mileva Marić who studied 1 semester in Heidelberg
    Bang 3) Professors seem to give to women INTENTIONALLY lower marks so women will fail
    Bang 4: After separation from Mileva since 1914 Einstein's working level is sinking - no new topics any more
    Bang 5) The common scientific effort
    Bang 6: The review "Annals of Physics" (Annalen der Physik") is eliminating the name "Maric" in 1901 already: "Conclusions Drawn from the Phenomena of Capillarity"
    Bang 7: The distraction of the starlight by the sun was experimented by many physicists in 1914 already - but only Einstein got the fame in 1919
    Bang 8: Einstein suppressing any cooperation of Mileva: "Perihelion movement of Mercury" (1915) + "Foundations of the General Theory of Relativity" (1916)
    Bang 9: Einstein has stolen: Einstein suppressed for the theory of Relativity the Lorentz' transformations laws and the Michelson Morley experiment
    Bang 10+11: Bang 10) Destruction of documents by "Annals of Physics" (!!!) +Bang 11) Einstein indicates: Einstein-Maric - Joffe did see it: Einstein-Marity - "Annals of Physics" with boss Drude is eliminating Marić also in 1905 (!!!)
    Bang 12) Einstein auctioned off a handwritten copy in 1943 - Einstein allegedly destroyed the manuscript of the Theory of Relativity in 1905 - he is said having thrown away the original of the theory of relativity from 1905?

  • Report 1990: Senta Trömel-Plötz: Mileva Einstein-Maric. The Woman Who Did the Mathematics (16 pages - edition by Michael Palomino 2019)
    Report by Senta Trömel-Plötz on the biography "In the shadow of Albert Einstein" - speech at the annual meeting of AAAS 1990

    Bang 1) Collected Papers of Albert Einstein are hiding the important quote of Einstein: "My wife solves all my mathematical problems"
    Bang 2) Albert Einstein consideres Mileva Einstein as "equal"
    Bang 3) Einstein: "Everything I have done and accomplished I owe to Mileva" - inspiration, protection, science
    Bang 4) Patent stolen: Mileva NOT mentioned with the patent of Einstein-Habicht apparatus
    Bang 5) Mileva's family name "Maric" stolen in "Annals of Physic" in Leipzig also in 1905
    Bang 6) Leipzig "Annals of Physics" destroyed manuscripts of Einstein-Maric
    Bang 7) Einstein's short fruitful mathematics period 1900-1905 was with Mileva
    Bang 8: Einstein in 1920 tells himself in letters that he cannot high maths
    Bang 9: ETH professors detect: Einstein has NO knowledge about physics - only Mileva supports Einstein
    Bang 10: Mileva is the only one believing in Einstein's "talent" of physics 1895-1900
    Bang 11: Einstein let Mileva help in maths instead of learning maths himself (!)
    Bang 12: Self-sacrifice by Mileva in 1900 for Albert Einstein after his 4.91 diploma not getting an assistant post: she withdraws her excellent dissertation in protest - no diploma for her
    Bang 13: In 1914, Einstein's Jewish family does not recognize the marriage between Einstein and the Orthodox Christian Mileva (!) - Jewish racism against Mileva, and Einstein accepts that (!)
    Bang 14: Einstein during WWI in Berlin on the looser's side - German inflation - Einstein's money has no value - Mileva+2 sons 8 years in poverty
    Bang 15: Mileva has not recognized her helper syndrome and the "science" of Freud simply says "hysterical"
    Bang 16: Mileva Einstein in 1948 is kicked out of her flat shortly before death of 1948 - for Einstein this does not matter - he is retired and does not come to Zurich - Einstein lets die Mileva alone

  • 1999 (1a): Video "Mileva Maric. In the shadow of Einstein" (29min.) 
    Милева Марић: Ајнштајн из сенке

    Father Milo¨ Marić - Milevas Education - universities + Polytechnic (ETH) - Lieserl - Patent Office in Bern - Einstein world famous since 1905, Mileva nowhere - Mileva is rejected by the Jewish-racist Einstein family - Huttenstrasse 62 - Monopoly - 3 houses bought + resold - Hans Albert with bridge in Novi Sad - Eduard with schizophrenia attacks - death 1948

  • Report 2004: Manfred Wasmayr: The Tragedy of the Couple of Albert and Mileva Einstein (2004 - 4 pages - translation 2019)
    Youth - studies - diploma - diploma thesis - Einstein without discipline - complaints with Dr. Weber - first daughter Lieserl is concealed - wedding Einstein with Einstein in January 1903 - Einstein in Berne at the Patent Office - Olympia Academy and the development of special theory of relativity - "annus mirailis" in 1905 and works presented in the journal "Annals of Physics" ("Annalen der Physik") and manipulations against Mileva without end - Einstein leaves Mileva for a cousin Elsa in Berlin and many famous women - divorce in 1919 and Mileva receives the Einstein Nobel Prize money in 1923 - 3 luxury houses bought and then the world economic crisis came and during the war more taxes and charges so the houses are sold - Eduard Einstein comes out with aggressive attacks and ward and legal guardian - Mileva's death in 1948 - Desanka's book with the first biography about Mileva in 1969 in Serbian, in 1983 in German - EMMA magazine presents "The mother of the theory of relativity" - more Einstein letter science - 1990 Walker and Plötz with speeches about Mileva - Stachel's 1996 article "A relationship that did not develop" - Wasmayr's 2004 article "The tragedy of the marriage of Albert and Mileva Einstein"
    from: Review Physics History (Zeitschrift Physikgeschichte) PLUS LUCIS 1/2004, p.30-33

Comment for the video
Милева Марић: Ајнштајн из сенке
(Mileva Maric: Einstein aus dem Schatten)

Nov.16, 2019, by Michael Palomino

Some added data:

-- France was first accepting women at universities, and then came Switzerland (Stachel: collaboration 1996).

-- The movie conceals the conflict of Dr. Weber with Einstein, a truant and rebel, passing his diploma with 4.91 (but 5.00 was requested), so he was "given" the diploma, but Dr. Weber did not want to give an assistant job for Einstein. This made Mileva angry and she protested much, and perhaps this made Dr. Weber angry to give her bad marks (Plötz: The Woman Who 1990). When Mileva had her second time for Poly exams, she was pregnant in the 3d month (Wasmayr: Tragödie 2004), and Einstein was a criminal to make her a baby BEFORE her diploma (!). Because this was also a blackmail against the professor Weber: give her the diploma or you destroy my family (!). And no professor will accept this blackmail (!). There are also indications that Mileva withdrew her tesis as a protest against Dr. Weber who did not want to give Einstein an assistant job yet (Plötz: The Woman Who 1990). So this would be helper syndrome of Mileva.

-- The first baby "Lieserl" had scarlet fever at the end and probably died (Stachel: collaboration 1996). Adoption does not make sense because the child could have lived in Novi Sad normally with visits of Mileva.

-- 1905: The papers for "Annalen der Physik" in 1905 were all without any indication of sources, just a novel (!), better said: this was clear robbery and copyright violation by BOTH, Einstein AND Mileva, and the bosses of the "Annalen der Physik" were printing this, so this is gang criminality without sources, so this was hundred fold robbery and copyright violation. But the cr. bosses of the "Annalen der Physik" let Einstein win, and they let Mileva drop erasing her family name. The order against women in science may have come by the Emperor in Berlin or by Rothschild spies in Germany who did not want to have a limping Christian Orthodox woman in the lists of authors when an Einstein was available. Additionally the literature for the theory of relativity was also elaborated in the Olympia Academy with the other friends, so they should also be authors of the special theory of relativity: this was a GROUP WORK, a TEAMWORK. Einstein got all the fame alone? He accepted - and this makes him a thief. But he could arrange much for his friends in the Patent Office with other services perhaps (!) - is there an investigation about this horse trade? Just Mileva did not want to sign for patents because she said "We are ein Stein" ("we are one stone"). And Einstein did not educate her for emancipation at all...

-- Common house with Adler family: When Adler family suggests that Einstein hit Mileva, it should be investigated if and how much Einstein was hit by his father Hermann Einstein - investigation? Unfortunately Einstein was not a social revolutionary man but he copied the old fashioned patterns of machism and maybe also family violence and never protesting because of Emperor rules in Germany. Checking up Swiss newspapers of the 1930s (e.g. NZZ on microfilm) one can see that every week a woman was killed by familiar violence in those times. Psychologists for families did not exist yet.

-- 1914: In Berlin 1914 it was like this: in March Einstein went to Berlin renting a flat, in April 1914 Mileva came with the two boys, and Einstein enjoyed to be famous and famous women came picking up Einstein for the night and bringing him back in the morning. Einstein was crazy famous in every bed and did not educate his sons at all but left Mileva with the sons alone during many nights (!). So the written instruction was the ultimate insult and in July 1914 Mileva went back to Zurich and Einstein became just more and more crazy (Wasmayr: Tragödie 2004; Ripota: Einsichten 2018, S.236).

-- During WWI Einstein sent Mileva with only little money, and the sons wanted her daddy back in Zurich without war in safety - crazy Einstein stayed in war Berlin in upper class ambiance fu. around famous women and making party. Then the German money went down by war inflation, German propaganda had hoped to win the war, but they lost the war, German money went more down, and Mileva was starving hunger and had to take a secret private loan to survive (Ploetz 1990).

-- The second son Eduard could not accept all this discrimination of the crazy father any more and from 1929 on he began with his rebellion which was called "schizophrenic". Psychiatry in Zurich was with Mr. Bleuler and this was not an intelligent man, but he "organized" all "bad" people away "from the streets" serving the government in Zurich. And so, Eduard was tortured even more instead of solving the real problems. Analysis in psychology only came in the 1960s with C.G. Jung - also in Zurich, too late for Eduard who died in 1965.

-- Finally this Einstein was racist against Mileva because she was Christian Orthodox - just following his Jewish family order (!).

-- Einstein was retired after 1946 and had much time to visit Mileva in Zurich, but he NEVER came to help - he organized much for her purchasing 3 apartment houses and selling them again (see Barbara Wolff: Preisgeld 2019), but he even let her DIE ALONE. Einstein did not even come to her grave (!) - famous women in the "USA" to fu. around were "more interesting" and Einstein even had a fourth child with a dancer of New York Evelyn Einstein who grew up in the family of his son Hans Albert Einstein, and one can suppose that there are more secret Einstein children who don't know it...

Einstein data: http://www.hist-chron.com/welt/stars/Einstein/Einstein-ENGL-index.html

History in chronology: http://www.hist-chron.com